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Swift India Conf 2019: Redux Architecture in iOS

Swift India Conf 2019: Redux Architecture in iOS

Speaker: Amruta Itagi, Lead iOS Engineer, Walmart Labs

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/amruta-itagi-1bbb208a/

Bio: Mobile Engineer and enthusiast with hands-on experience on apps such as Walmart, GOJEK, Freecharge, Daily Hunt, and ESPN. Likes traveling, painting and gardening in free time.

Abstract: With more and more apps handling real-time dynamic data and UI there is a need for a robust way of handling multiple states. Redux has been successfully used for the same in the web world. I think its time the iOS world has a look at the huge capabilities this architecture provides. In this talk, we'll cover the basics of this architecture and how apps can benefit from the same


Swift India

July 28, 2019


  1. REDUX in iOS - Amruta Itagi

  2. Why are we talking about it? We already have MVC,

  3. What is REDUX

  4. Redux Components State State • State is a struct which

    maps to states of applica3on Ac3on Ac3on • Ac3ons are just data that needs to passed
  5. Redux Components Store Store • Store contains the state Reducer

    Reducer • Is a pure func4on which given a state and an ac4on returns a new State
  6. Components in REDUX

  7. Principles of Redux • Single Source of Truth • State

    is read only • Views cannot change the state directly
  8. None
  9. None
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  11. Redux Middlewares

  12. Redux Middleware

  13. Action Processing Patterns

  14. Conclusion • Reducer is highly testable and maintainable • Business

    logic is not handled by View controllers • View is en8rely determinis8c. It is recalculated and redrawn solely based on the state • Hot reloading • Easy debugging • No more protocols, delegates or pipe a call from one view controller to another
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