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Leeds Data Mill and ODI Leeds: Data-Driven Decisions in Leeds

Leeds Data Mill and ODI Leeds: Data-Driven Decisions in Leeds

This deck is from Paul Connell and Steve Blackburn's talk at Swirrl's 2016 data conference 'Data-Driven Decisions'.



May 26, 2016


  1. Paul Connell Founder  ODI  Leeds   @paulcconnell   @odileeds  

    07833  488697   leeds.theodi.org   ODI  Leeds  Dashboard       Stephen Blackburn Leeds  Data  Mill   @steviebyorks   @LeedsDataMill   07833  488697   leeds.theodi.org       Steve Blackburn
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  3. We connect, equip and inspire people around the world to

    innovate with data http://theodi.org/about-us
  4. Your data is more valuable the more it is connected.

  5. Leeds’  ambi+ons  -­‐     Not  just  a  council  

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  7. LEEDS  DATA  MILL   @LeedsDataMill  

  8. http://www.theodi.org/data-spectrum

  9. Open Letter to the infrastructure commision: Link.

  10. http://theodi.org/smart-

  11. Thousands of countries & cities, millions of companies, billions 

    of people unlocking £trillions Web of documents Web of data Machine-readable data, sensors, and the internet of everything and everyone Our physical and digital worlds are merging. There are over 3bn people online, and over 5bn devices. Over the past 25 years, the web of documents now numbers in the billions of pages on a billion websites. The web of data will dwarf the existing web. We need to develop the standards, tools and techniques that will enable help everyone to make the most of the information at their disposal to solve the challenges they face. We need to demonstrate the potential, understand the risks and opportunities, reveal the efficiencies and innovation that are possible, and help people on their journey to a data-driven society.
  12. Not  just  data!   •  A  community  focus   • 

    How  can  data  improve  the  lives  of   ci+zens  and  communi+es?   •  Building  a  community  of  users  
  13. LEEDS http://leeds.theodi.org

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  15. Aberdeen Athens Belfast Birmingham Brasilia Bristol Buenos Aires Cairo Cardiff

    Chicago Devon Dubai Galway Gothenburg Hampshire   Leeds Madrid Osaka Paris Queensland Rio Riyadh Seoul Sheffield St Petersburg Toronto Trento Vienna Who are the other Nodes?
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  18. #Hackmyroute  

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  20. #Water  Data  15   9  Teams,  6  Themes,  2  Days

      Can  we  save  5  litres  per  person  per  day.    
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  22. Innovation Labs •  Identify an issue or problem •  Which

    datasets could help? •  Work with analysts / developers •  Prototype solutions
  23. Dashboard http://leedsdatamill.org/dashboard

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  28.   Come  it  will  be  fun