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Mark Braggins: Hampshire Hub and Open Data Camp

D3be0eabd21ee937951fc9c512f44891?s=47 Swirrl
April 29, 2015

Mark Braggins: Hampshire Hub and Open Data Camp



April 29, 2015


  1. Mark Braggins 21st April 2015 Local Open Data: reaping the

  2. Sixteen local open data champions Local Authority Champion Site Barnet

    Open Barnet Birmingham Birmingham Data Factory Bristol Open Data Bristol Cambridgeshire Cambridgeshire Insight Devon Devon Data Loom Glasgow Open Glasgow Hampshire Hampshire Hub Lambeth Lambeth in Numbers Leeds Leeds Data Mill London London Data Store Manchester DataGM Windsor & Maidenhead DataTAP Redbridge DataShare Sunderland Local Public Data Surrey Surrey Open data Trafford Info Trafford Momentum building throughout the UK Screenshot from Owen Boswarva’s UK Local Government Open Data Resources interactive map
  3. Most champions have data stores - or are building them

  4. Local open data – any analogies? How about Food? • 

    Ingredients •  Specialties •  Cuisines •  Themes •  Recipes •  Kitchens •  Restaurants •  Take-aways Image of Bothy Threads Food Map of the British Isles courtesy of hixxybabe on ebay
  5. Local open data – any analogies? How about Agriculture? • 

    Sowing seeds / planting crops •  Different local conditions •  Climate (political, organisational) •  Soil (stony, fertile etc) •  Expertise •  Tools and technology •  People / community Harvesting of oats in Jølster, Norway ca. 1890 (Photo: Axel Lindahl/Norwegian Museum of Cultural History) via Wikipedia
  6. Postcard from Hampshire

  7. Data, information, insight, news, views, and initiatives

  8. http://www.hampshirehub.net/initiatives

  9. Helping see the wood from the trees Blog post by

    Mike Sedgewick on Chandler’s Ford Today (local web site): A Hero of Trees - Richard St. Barbe Baker Screenshot from Steve Peters’ Local Data Discovery app Screenshot from DATA.GOV.UK previewing Tree Preservation Orders for the whole of Eastleigh
  10. WuDoWuD •  Historic open data from multiple sources •  Environmental

    conditions leading up to severe weather events •  Identify trigger points •  Update with more recent / current data •  Use to inform decision-making •  Potential to save lives, improve efficiency and reduce costs Screenshot from STFC case study featuring WuDoWuD from Know Now Information http://www.kn-i.com/
  11. Landscape Watch Hampshire Crowdsourcing landscape change from archived aerial photography

    Capture the change information as data Publish the outp ut  on Hampshire Hub as open data Screenshot from Landscape Watch Hampshire, which is currently undergoing Alpha testing
  12. Open Data Camp •  Open  Data   Camp  -­‐  The

    first UK unconference for open data •  Lots  of  output:   inc  20+  blog   posts   •  It won’t be the last •  Next one ‘up north’ in the Autumn •  In  the   mean<me,   there’s   BlueLightCamp   GP  Pressure  Map,  created  at  Open  Data   Camp  
  13. To what extent are we reaping the benefits? •  Lots

    of progress - loads of   open  data  out   there  (both   local  and   na<onal)   •  Local  open  data   champions   network   •  Case studies are being created and shared •  Together  we  are   Steam engine tractors with threshing machines, Latvia, 1930.-ies. Photo courtesy of Valmiera's museum, via Valters Grivins Flickr.
  14. Thank You and  huge  thanks  to  Swirrl   for  arranging

     today's   event! @markbraggins bilbobraggins99@gmail.com
  15. Photo credit opening slide •  Medieval farming: This image depicts

    what it may have been like to be part of a medieval farming family. Included in Kulturgeschichtliche Bilder no.5, Kempen (Verlag Dr. te Neues), undated (c.1960). Online, courtesy Dortmund, Westfaelisches Schulmuseum (Westphalian School Museum in Dortmund, Germany).