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Hack an online hackathon with digital tools

Hack an online hackathon with digital tools

This is the material for DevRel/Asia 2020.



November 14, 2020

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  1. Hack an ONLINE HACKATHON with digital tools Taiji Eddie Hagino

    Sr. Developer Advocate Developer Advocacy Tokyo City Team, IBM @taiponrock

  3. Taiji (Eddie) Hagino Sr. Developer Advocate IBM Champion Program Regional

    Director IBM Lecturer Tsukuba University @taiponrock Please follow me! Node-RED/Node.js, Swift, Hyperledger Fabric, Functions Books: Node-RED beginner book, Node-RED Experience Handbook, DevRel Q&A Articles: I/O Magazine (Node-RED programming)
  4. Ask me anything

  5. We live in NEW NORMAL ERA

  6. Every event has become online

  7. 1. Ideathon

  8. Things to do: 1. Have participants imagine their ideas 2.

    Have participants draw their ideas as pictures 3. Have participants present their ideas to other participants Tools: 1. Mural 2. Zoom
  9. 2. Team Building

  10. Things to do: 1. Have each presenter gather teammates who

    sympathize with the idea. 2. If some people are unable to join the team, we will negotiate with each team as a facilitator. Tools: 1. Mural
  11. 3. Hackathon

  12. Things to do: 1. Have each team creates their own

    production 2. Software, Hardware, Presentation deck, etc. Tools: 1. Mural 2. Zoom 3. Slack
  13. 4. Presentation

  14. Things to do: 1. Have participants show demos and explain

    their products 2. Have audiences (maybe judges) touch and try them Tools: 1. IBM Cloud (or others) 2. Zoom 3. Spread Sheet

  16. Based on the idea of an on-site hackathon, you can

    operate a new hackathon by utilizing tools unique to online! Let's hold an online hackathon!
  17. For free No Credit Card Required Open-ended IBM Cloud Account

  18. Thank you github.com/taijihagino Taiji HAGINO Sr. Developer Advocate IBM Champion

    Program Japan Regional Director IBM THANKS! facebook.com/taiponrock f t in linkedin.com/taiponrock @taiponrock
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