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Confessions of a Serial K⁠–⁠otlin Multiplatform⁠–⁠er

Confessions of a Serial K⁠–⁠otlin Multiplatform⁠–⁠er

What is Multiplatform?

- harder to develop, no documentation
- just a trend, failed in the past
- not suitable for performant apps that feel “native”

- simpler to develop, removes platform barriers
- write half the code, ship in half the time
- only need to hire “generalists” instead of “specialists”

- elaborate in 25 minutes or less:

[presented at FOSDEM 2020, Kotlin track]


Eugenio Marletti

February 02, 2020


  1. MULTIPLATFORM–er KOTLIN SERIAL a of confessions Eugenio Marletti JetBrains, Developer

    Advocate @workingkills (Kotlin Multiplatform/Mobile)
  2. all software runs on a platform

  3. platform language API/framework [conventions]

  4. “native”""...?

  5. why multiplatform?

  6. why aren’t we doing multiplatform then?

  7. „ run everywhere ‟ write once,

  8. ‟ „ specialize everywhere engineer once,

  9. Eugenio Marletti JetBrains, Developer Advocate @workingkills (Kotlin Multiplatform/Mobile) bit.ly/confessions-kotlin-multiplatform