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Confessions of a Serial K–otlin Multiplatform–er [v2]

Confessions of a Serial K–otlin Multiplatform–er [v2]

“Multiplatform” is a paradox.

It makes things both easier and more complicated at the same time.
It’s the opposite of what most expect or think they need... And also the solution to their actual needs.
It's also more than just a technology—Ah, and you're already doing it (inefficiently)!

Then what is it, really?
And why would Kotlin be any different than all those other failed multiplatform tools?

One short answer is: Kotlin works on multiple platforms, but is not multiplatform.

Sounds like another paradox?
Then let us start from the beginning...

[presented at Kotliners]

Eugenio Marletti

June 05, 2020

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  1. disclaimer - NOT “how to get started” guide - NOT

    direct comparison of specific technologies - NOT trying to sell anything!