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Arabic SEO: How to engage 400+ million Arabic Speakers

Arabic SEO: How to engage 400+ million Arabic Speakers

Taleb talks about the importance of doing Arabic SEO to cater for 400 million Arabic speaking audiences worldwide. He deep dives into how Global, International, and Local businesses are doing Arabic SEO. What SEO mistakes they are committing, how the algorithm updates affected multilingual websites, and share some insights and stats about machine vs human website content translation.

Taleb Kabbara

September 15, 2023

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  1. Arabic SEO: How to Engage 400 Million Arabic-speaking audiences Taleb

    Kabbara LEAPFROG MARKETING Speakerdeck.com/taleb @TalebKabbara
  2. Translate •Hire a Native Translator •Create original local content Localise

    •Localise search queries by market •Use the correct HREFLANG tags Optimise •Optimise content •Optimise local search queries