Performance Limitations of React Native and How to Overcome Them

Fda8c6c2e77ab98f85e85f99656859a0?s=47 Tal Kol
April 21, 2017

Performance Limitations of React Native and How to Overcome Them

* Given in React Amsterdam on April 21, 2017

React Native holds great promise in terms of excellent developer experience with JavaScript and code reuse between platforms. The big question is  - do these benefits come at the price of performance? How well can React Native hold its own against purely native implementations?

After developing native mobile apps professionally for the past 7 years, I’ve seen many magical “cross-platform” solutions but eventually nothing beats pure-native in terms of app quality. Developers are skeptical of performance. React Native is unique in its ability to achieve amazing performance, but it requires developers to understand what goes on under the hood.

The aim of this talk is to ease concerns for newcomers and teach existing developers actionable guidelines on how to architect performant RN apps.


Tal Kol

April 21, 2017