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To remember and forget: lecture 2

Taeyoon Choi
September 15, 2014

To remember and forget: lecture 2

Taeyoon Choi

September 15, 2014


  1. No, the technical structure of the archiving archive also determines

    the structure of the archival content even in its very coming into existence and in its relationship to the future.
  2. “If only our artisans would not so often forget when

    doing this that it is not the constructive, schematic forms that appear primitive to the child, but rather the total construction of his doll or his toy dog, insofar as he can imagine how it is made. This is just what he wants to know, this first establishes his vibrant relationship with toys.”
  3. “I had a simple impulse to cut into the earth.

    ! I imagined taking a knife and cutting into the earth, opening it up, an initial violence and pain that in time would heal. ! … ! The need for the names to be on the memorial would become the memorial; there was no need to embellish the design further. The people and their names would allow everyone to respond and remember.” ! Maya Lin
  4. It would be an interface, between our world and the

    quieter, darker, more peaceful world beyond. I chose black granite in order to make the surface reflective and peaceful. I never looked at the memorial as a wall, an object, but as an edge to the earth, an opened side. The mirrored effect would double the size of the park, creating two worlds, one we are a part of and one we cannot enter.
  5. • puppy • toad • bull • steer • rabbit

    • buffalo • camel • wolverine • ape • parakeet • deer • dingo • badger
  6. • Kangaroo • Koala • Penguin • Wallaby • Dolphin

    • Octopus • Badger • Dingo • Zebra
  7. working memory long term memory sensory system executive function temporary

    storage consolidation retrieval Top down control bottom up information
  8. “The image (imperfect as it is) which seems to me

    best suited to convey the nature of that specific sense is that of a telescope, a telescope pointed at time, Marcel Proust, 1922
  9. for a telescope renders visible for us starts invisible to

    the naked eye, and I have tried to render visible for us stars invisible to the naked eye, and I have tried to render visible to the consciousness unconscious phenomena, some of which, having been entirely forgotten are situated in the past.”
  10. The image ... stuck in my mind and for years

    I wanted to find out what exactly happened on that day with a view to re-enacting or commemorating it in some way.
  11. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the

    strike, like a civil war, had a traumatically divisive effect at all levels of life in the UK. Families were torn apart because of divided loyalties, the union movement was split on its willingness to support the National Union of Mineworkers, the print media especially contributed to the polarization of the arguments to the point where there appeared to be little space for a middle ground. So in all but name it became an ideological and industrial battle between the two sections of British society. (Deller 2002, p.7.)