Introduction of CoreOS at CoreOS Meetup Tokyo #1 #coreosjp

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April 09, 2015

Introduction of CoreOS at CoreOS Meetup Tokyo #1 #coreosjp


taichi nakashima

April 09, 2015


  1. CoreOS Meetup Tokyo #1

  2. I’m Taichi Nakashima @deeeet tcnksm

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  6. Introduction of Core OS

  7. What is Core OS

  8. CoreOS is a new Linux distribution that provides scale with

    high resilience infrastructure like Google, Facebook and Twitter realize.
  9. Motivation of Core OS

  10. Fundamentally improve the security of the Internet.

  11. All security boils down to the ability to update software
  12. Let’s build a server that can automatically update itself

  13. Feature of Core OS

  14. Minimal Traditional Linux distributions has always been about adding value

    by adding more. CoreOS creates value by giving you less.
  15. Update System Quick and reliable updating system Same as update

    Engine as Chrome (Omahaʣ
  16. No package manager & No language runtime Container

  17. Clustering Clustered by default using powerful and simple tool like

    etcd and fleet
  18. Data Center as a Computer Clustering multiple servers in DC

    and using it like it’s a single computer
  19. Technologies of Core OS

  20. Distributed KVS, v2.0.9

  21. fleet Distributed init System, v0.9.2

  22. App Container runtime, v0.5.3

  23. flannel Overlay network for k8s, v0.3.0

  24. Who uses Core OS




  28. Latest news of Core OS

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  30. @deeeet