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Embedded SRE at Mercari

Embedded SRE at Mercari

This is a slide for SRE NEXT 2022 https://sre-next.dev/2022/

taichi nakashima

May 15, 2022

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  1. Product A Team Mercari SRE Service A Product B Team

    Service B Product C Team Service C Work closely or embedded Platform Platform Team Infrastructure organization
  2. Platform vs. SRE
 • Platform: Developer productivity & experience •

    SRE: Production and its operation (ROAD(*)) (*) Response, Observability, Availability, and Delivery. See The ROAD to SRE. There are many ways to introduce Site… | by Bruce Dominguez | Medium
  3. Embedded SRE
 • Support product teams to improve service reliability

    • Spread SRE practices across the organization
  4. Product A Team Mercari SRE Product B Team ① Assignment

    ② Work ③ Rotation Embedding System
  5. The Works
 • Search Infra Team ◦ The search is

    one of the critical functionality of the Mercari app where we connect sellers and buyers. They receive the largest traffic, and (because of this) the search infra team frequently adds/releases features. So the service has high-reliability demand. The SRE member joined the team and worked on supporting production release, building the benchmarking system to ensure avoiding latency delegation, optimizing the cost, reviewing and improving the SLI/SLO, and so on. • Monolith API Team ◦ While we’ve been working on microservice migration but we still have the original monolith API and it’s critical for our product. It was running on the on-prem but currently, we are working on migrating it to Google Cloud where the microservice is running. Since we have the knowledge to run services reliably in a cloud-native way, we joined the team and supported its migration. Since the Monolith API is using a different monitoring stack, we are helping to migrate the same stack as other microservices so that we can have seamless tracing between them.
  6. Service C Monolith Service B Service E Service A Mercari

    and Merpay Microservices Google Kubernetes Engine On premise Service D Monolith Physical machines Monolith Cloud Migration Migration
  7. The Works
 • SRE伝道師としてMicroservices SRE チームが取り組んでいる事例 • Kubernetes HPA External

    Metrics の事例紹介 • MicroservicesSREのEmbedded先でのお仕事 • Elasticsearch運用ノウハウ
  8. Future
 • Embedded to the division, instead of the team

    • Transforming SRE knowledge into the toolings