SRE Practices in Mercari Microservices

Ecb3acc2d246962361a4f8b3f7a6dd12?s=47 taichi nakashima
January 25, 2020

SRE Practices in Mercari Microservices

This is a slide for SRE NEXT 2020 (

Mercari Microservices Platform Team is building a platform for backend developers to build and run microservices. Currently, in this platform, around 100+ microservices are running and more than 200+ developers are working with. To run this scale of platform, the reliability is really critical. In this talk, I will share how we operate this platform by applying Google SRE practice: how we set and "update" SLI/SLO, how we ensure observability and prepare playbook and so on.

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taichi nakashima

January 25, 2020