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Help us transform Italian Public Administration! - Team per la Trasformazione Digitale - Piunno, Bajo

Help us transform Italian Public Administration! - Team per la Trasformazione Digitale - Piunno, Bajo

Launch of Developers Italia - Keynotes by Simone Piunno and Giovanni Bajo at Codemotion Rome (March 24, 2017)

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  1. Help us transform Italian Public Administration! SIMONE PIUNNO CHIEF TECHNOLOGY

  2. Hey look! Is this really the Government speaking in a

    developer event!? Surprised?
  3. None
  4. Digital Transformation Team

  5. Italian Government appointed Diego Piacentini as Commissioner for Digital Transformation

    of the Public Administration Diego started his new job hiring a team of tech-savvy people Origin
  6. The “operating system” of the country Vision

  7. • Security and privacy • Obsessed by simplification • Mobile

    first • Open Source • Data driven, using AI/ML • … and more! (see teamdigitale.governo.it…) Manifesto
  8. • Big Data • Content Design • Cybersecurity • Data

    Science • Developer Relations • Digital Payments • Metrics & Analytics • Mobile/Apps Developer • Product & UX/UI • Software Architects • Software Developers • Technical Project Managers Skills
  9. None
  10. 3500 applications 20 people hired mostly from private sector Few

    expats coming back to Italy Hiring Call
  11. Photo credits: Emanuele Camerini

  12. Photo credits: Emanuele Camerini Photo credits: Emanuele Camerini

  13. Projects

  14. • ANPR • SPID • PagoPA Existing

  15. • Data Analytics Framework • Responsible Disclosure • Community New

  16. • API Ecosystem • Digital citizenship • Design guidelines More

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  19. 20 people are nothing for such a mission How can

    we scale up our effort? Scale up?
  20. None
  21. Using technologies shouldn’t be hard, right?

  22. Let’s try with SPID

  23. We saw it already

  24. Cool, how do I use it?

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  28. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q7pp68yedfbsjp8/Screenshot %202017-03-23%2021.49.27.png?dl=0

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  30. None
  31. No SDK No examples Tech docs in legal form Support

    via call center No sandbox env
  32. Everything remade from scratch Zero open-source culture

  33. Let’s fix this

  34. Developers Italia https://developers.italia.it

  35. Projects

  36. Source code (github.com/italia)

  37. https://www.dropbox.com/s/34k4e3486e91a9x/Screenshot%202017-03- 23%2014.22.17.png?dl=0 Forum (Discourse)

  38. https://www.dropbox.com/s/34k4e3486e91a9x/Screenshot%202017-03- 23%2014.22.17.png?dl=0 Docs (ReadTheDocs)

  39. How will projects be developed?

  40. Open Governance Open Source Maintainers Clear roadmap

  41. Looking for maintainers in public companies… ... and the market

  42. We will invest in small companies and startups Public tenders

    coming soon
  43. Let’s hack together!

  44. teamdigitale.governo.it @diegopia @spiunno @giovannibajo @teamdigitaleIT @diegopia @team-per-la-trasformazione-digitale @company/teamdigitale