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Implement Single click deployment with Jenkins and DeployIt

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November 17, 2013

Implement Single click deployment with Jenkins and DeployIt

#DevOpsDays India 2013 : Implement Single click deployment with Jenkins and DeployIt



November 17, 2013


  1. Continuous Delivery with DeployIT Anirudh Bhatnagar abhatnagar@xebia.com

  2. Continuous Delivery…..

  3. Continuous Integration - Continuous Integration -Test Automation

  4. The next step: From CI to Continuous Delivery

  5. Continuous Delivery Automated Build Automated Deployments Automated provisioning of Infrastructure.

    Automated Tests.
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  16. demo..

  17. Extending deployIT plugins

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  19. tomcat plugin example.. <type type="tc.Tomcat" extends="generic.Container"> <property name="startScript" default="tc/start-tc" hidden="true"/>

    <property name="stopScript" default="tc/stop-tc" hidden="true"/> <property name="home"/> </type> <type type="tc.SimpleWarModule" extends="generic.CopiedArtifact" deployable-type="jee.War" container-type="tc.Tomcat"> <property name="targetDirectory" default="${deployed.container.home}/webapps" hidden="true"/> <property name="targetFile" default="${deployed.name}.war" hidden="true"/> <property name="createTargetDirectory" default="true" kind="boolean" hidden="true" required="false" /> </type>