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Devops in the NonSAAS world

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November 17, 2013

Devops in the NonSAAS world

#DevOpsDays India 2013 : Devops in the NonSAAS world



November 17, 2013


  1. DevOps in the NonSaaS world Hari Krishnan @harikrishnan83

  2. What the hell is NonSaaS World? Applications where we do

    not have any control over the deployment environment.
  3. Examples • On Premise Software - Desktop applications, Database servers,

    Mail servers • Market Places - Mobile apps • OTS (Off the shelf)
  4. What is the difference?

  5. The operations team is not part of your company

  6. Customers may not appreciate very frequent releases

  7. Multiple versions in the wild simultaneously

  8. What are the real issues? • Support is the most

    important aspect • Access for debugging is minimal • Monitoring is opt-in • Too many support tickets can slow you down
  9. What can we do? Instead of DevOps become DevSup

  10. Build tooling to help support teams

  11. Diagnostics

  12. Tools for your customer’s operations team

  13. Installers

  14. Background upgrades

  15. Error reporting tools

  16. Thank you! Hari Krishnan @harikrishnan83