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BITE SIZE: Ethics in publishing

Matteo Cavalleri
February 17, 2021

BITE SIZE: Ethics in publishing

Ethical issues in submitting articles, the 5min version

Matteo Cavalleri

February 17, 2021

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  1. Dos and Don’ts
    Ethics in publishing

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  2. 50
    Ethical issues in submitted articles
    Ethics in publishing
    Most common don’ts
    1. Duplicated publications
    2. Plagiarism
    3. Fraud: falsification and fabrication
    4. Authorship issues

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  3. 51
    Duplicated Publication
    Ethics in publishing
    • Don’t republish the same findings
    • Don’t submit the same paper to
    multiple journals simultaneously
    • Salami are for eating, not publishing
    • ”Salami slicing”: Fragmentation
    of results into multiple papers
    Plagiarism and Fraud
    • Plagiarism: Unreferenced use of previously
    published ideas and concepts
    • Including verbatim reproduction of text (yes, even your own)
    • Submissions are prescreened for plagiarism with software
    • Falsification: Distortion of data or results
    • Hiding outliers, selective removal of data points,…
    • Post-hoc analysis
    • Fabrication: Invention of data or results

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  4. 52
    Ethics in publishing
    1. Substantial contributions to conception and design, acquisition of data, or analysis and
    interpretation of data, AND
    2. drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content, AND
    3. final approval of the version to be published
    *International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE)

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  5. 53
    Ethics in publishing
    Best Practices:
    • Discuss and agree on individual contributions and author order prior to submission
    • Changes post-submission (NEVER post-acceptance) are admissible, if explained and
    agreed by all
    • All listed authors are accountable for accuracy and integrity of all parts of the work
    • Reveal conflict of interest (financial, personal, academic, …)
    • Provide statement of individual contribution, if requested (or even if not)

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  6. 54
    Need help?
    Ethics in publishing
    • WILEY Ethical Guidelines
    • Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE):
    • Editors wants you to succeed! In doubt, seek editorial advice

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