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GoSquared Presentation at AWS for Startups

GoSquared Presentation at AWS for Startups

Presented by Geoff Wagstaff (CTO of GoSquared) on 13th February to the TechHub folk at Google Campus, London.


Geoff Wagstaff

February 13, 2013

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    February 2013
  2. Real-time web analytics

  3. James Gill CEO + Co-founder Geoff Wagstaff CTO + Co-founder

    James Taylor Developer + Co-founder
  4. None
  5. LiveStats

  6. None
  7. In 2009, our Server melted.

  8. Conventional Hosting • Contractual lock-in. Fixed term subscription • Laborious

    and slow to provision resources • Restricted • Dedicated, but not bespoke • Boring
  9. Business constraints • Experimental technology • Agility • Low budget

    • Inexperience • High barrier to entry in market
  10. GET TO THE CLOUD!!!11!!one!

  11. Why AWS? Diverse + growing range of services EC2 S3

    CloudFront CloudFormation CloudWatch RDS Route53 IAM CloudSearch ElasticBeanstalk ElastiCache DynamoDB SES SNS SQS Glacier RedShift ElasticTranscoder Data Pipeline StorageGateway VPC SWF
  12. Why AWS? Flexible & Scalable 5 x c1.xlarge 2.5m ELB

    requests 1.4TB S3 storage 4 Route53 record sets 32 EBS volumes 500 DynamoDB Units 3 SQS queues
  13. Why AWS? Pay-as-you-use Pricing On-demand Spot (market) pricing Reserved Per

    unit Per 1,000 Requests Free Tier Per resource Heavy Medium Light
  14. Why AWS? Platform agnostic APIs SQL server Windows Server Linux

    Ubuntu Fedora CentOS Ruby PHP Python Node.JS Perl CLI tools
  15. Why AWS? Reputable

  16. Challenges • More moving parts • Daunting. Requires new skills

    and role changes • Architecting for cloud • Deployment - resources, software, data • Automation - scaling, failover, backup
  17. Advantages •Full control - freedom, bespoke •Fosters good system design

    paradigms & avoids complacency •Abundant tools, services, community + documentation •Lowered barriers to entry: infrastructure for anyone •Reduced time to market
  18. Gap Year project: Trends

  19. Angels (2010) Series A (2011)

  20. 6 Team Members Average age: 21

  21. 25,000 sites and counting

  22. Traffic 10s Thousands 100s Thousands 100s Millions 99.9% concurrent visitors

    pageviews/month Requests/second Uptime
  23. Our Stack Load Balancer Reverse Proxy Services Data Stores ELB

    Redis, MongoDB, MySQL (RDS), EBS, S3 Service-oriented architecture: Tiered, decoupled, load-balanced clusters Fault tolerance, failover, backups Auto-scaling. Spot instances Collectors, processing, API, Traffic AWS Services: EC2, S3, RDS, Route53, CloudWatch, SNS, IAM Applications, Website Route53
  24. #ProTips Monitoring Ganglia - http://ganglia.sourceforge.net/ Graphite - http://graphite.wikidot.com/ ServerDensity CloudWatch

    PagerDuty https://github.com/etsy/statsd/
  25. Deployment SCM + hosting https://github.com/gosquared Deliver https://github.com/gosquared/deliver Continuous Integration http://jenkins-ci.org/

    Installation + con guration - http://www.opscode.com/chef/ #ProTips
  26. Scaling EC2 Clusters. Auto-scaling. Spot instances Messaging - RabbitMQ S3,

    CloudFront, Route53 Producer C C C Redis - http://redis.io https://github.com/gosquared/convoy #ProTips https://github.com/maritz/nohm
  27. Destroy Everything

  28. Thanks! Geoff Wagstaff @TheDeveloper https://engineering.gosquared.com