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Introduction to RethinkDB: 1KE Meetup

Introduction to RethinkDB: 1KE Meetup

Jorge Silva

June 12, 2015

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  1. Realtime apps • More and more apps are built to

    be realtime • Users have come to want and expect this behavior in their apps
  2. Building realtime apps is hard • You can keep everything

    in a single server • You can poll the database to keep track of updates • You can publish updates through a message broker
  3. Building realtime apps is hard • All solutions present a

    tradeoff between scalability and complexity • It’s hard to keep track of state in realtime architectures.
  4. What is RethinkDB? • Open source database for building realtime

    web applications • NoSQL database that stores schemaless JSON documents • Distributed database that is easy to scale
  5. Built for Realtime Apps • Subscribe to change notifications from

    database queries • No more polling — the database pushes changes to your app • Reduce the amount of plumbing needed to stream live updates
  6. Built for Realtime Apps RethinkDB is an excellent database for:

    • Collaborative web and mobile apps • Multiplayer games • Streaming analytics apps • Realtime marketplaces • Connected devices
  7. Introduction to ReQL • ReQL embeds natively into your programming

    language • Compose ReQL queries by chaining commands