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A brief idea of sweatcoin | How to earn sweatcoin?

A brief idea of sweatcoin | How to earn sweatcoin?

Is this really possible to earn money while walking?

Yes, now it is possible through sweatcoins.
Sweatcoins are virtual money that can be easily converted to real money.
To earn 1sweatcoin you have to walk 1000 steps. 1 sweatcoin = $0.05 to $0.10 . So to earn 1$ you must have 20 sweatcoins atleast.
You can also deal with various product with such money and even withdraw it from paypal.
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The Money Equation

February 07, 2020


  1. A brief idea of sweatcoin By The Money Equation www.the-money-equation.com

  2. What is Sweatcoin? An Application that pays money to walk.

  3. How much can you expect to earn? 1 sweatcoin is

    equal to 1000 steps
  4. How does the App calculate the steps? Sweatcoin’s algorithm verifies

    about 65% of a user’s total steps on average. working to improve this percentage over time.
  5. Once your steps are converted into Sweatcoins, this virtual currency

    can then be traded in exchange for products found on the app’s ‘marketplace’. products/services you can buy, if you are interested in that, then you can potentially come away with a few nice items. How can you use those virtual currency?
  6. A summary of Sweatcoin I think Sweatcoin is great. Not

    only does it incentivise exercise outside, but it also provides you with a wide array of rewards.
  7. To know more about Sweatcoin Visit our Site www.the-money-equation.com