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Triaging Rails Issues

Triaging Rails Issues

A lighting talk on Triaging Rails issues by Nick Cox. Given at Crystal Commerce for the Seattle Rails Meetup on 04/16/13.

Nick Cox

May 11, 2013

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  1. ABOUT ME • Rails Developer at Navigating Cancer • Open

    Source Maven • Taco Aficionado thenickcox @everydaytype Saturday, May 11, 13
  2. *As of April 1, 2013 473 7ish 7ish open issues

    issues filed/day issues closed/day core team 40 Saturday, May 11, 13
  3. triage |trēˈäZH, ˈtrēˌäZH| n. the process of determining the most

    important people or things from amongst a large number that require attention. Saturday, May 11, 13
  4. TRIAGING 1-2-3 ONE Bug? Try to reproduce it. TWO Pull

    request? Comment. THREE There is no step 3. Saturday, May 11, 13
  5. BENEFITS TRIAGING of •Become a better developer. •Triaging can lead

    to commits. Commits can lead to glory. •Sense of community and ownership. Saturday, May 11, 13