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#JTBD Zurich Meetup - Introduction

#JTBD Zurich Meetup - Introduction

This is the introduction talk to #JTBD that I gave together with Büsra at the first swiss #JTBD Meetup in Zürich.

Rodrigo Haenggi

August 23, 2017

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  1. - What is Jobs To Be Done? - 2 Real

    world Examples - A holistic view on the product with JTBD - How can I apply JTBD right now in my own product? - Our current work - Next Meetup Agenda
  2. A consumer goes along his life as he’s come to

    know it. Then things change. He is presented with an opportunity for self-betterment that is, make changes so he can grow. When or if he finds a product that helps him realize that growth opportunity, he can evolve to a better version of himself he had imagined.
  3. “Upgrade your user, not your product. Don’t build better cameras

    – build better photographers.” – Kathy Sierra
  4. #JTBD thinking helps us find the reasons why a person

    wants to evolve, which in turn allows us to provide a solution to that struggle.
  5. “Customers struggle when they try to make their life better

    but don't know how. We call this struggle a Job to be Done.” - Alan Klement
  6. Nurses dealing with adverse events: ‘I don’t want to be

    that nurse that all the other nurses are talking about.’ ...nurses have a lot of things to remember. They want to get them right. There’s a lot at stake if a mistake is made. ...
  7. Arm me with what I need to manage my interventions,

    so I can focus on helping my patients.
  8. “The jobs that people hired traditional print newspapers to do

    were far better filled by other sources.”
  9. • Help me find employment • Help me to find

    a low-cost item I can buy this weekend • Find someone who supports my view or who can clarify my view • Tell me what is happening right now in my community
  10. • Help me find employment • Help me to find

    a low-cost item I can buy this weekend • Find someone who supports my view or who can clarify my view • Tell me what is happening right now in my community
  11. “I want to be well-informed, feel more confident in my

    knowledge, and still be true to my beliefs so that I can make a difference in my home and community”
  12. “The trick is to look at the situation, their motivations

    and their desired outcomes.” - Jim Kalbach
  13. Problem search, finding opportunities to innovate or to optimize Channels

    Customer segmentation Solution research, UVP, Unfair Advantage Market Positioning / Strategy / Competitors Marketing, Branding, tone of voice, PR Design Prioritization Product decisions (improvements vs. innovations, split, merge, re-invent, re-focus, re-position) Example: chotuKool
  14. & Main focus: Situation / context, motivation, outcomes Decisions based

    on causality Main focus: Segmentation of User Groups by demographics, behavior & goals Decisions based on correlations
  15. • Open a can of paint • Scrape putty from

    a window • Stab an assailant • Wedge open a door • Carve your initials in a tree • Tie it to a pole and spear a fish • Rent the spear and collect 5% of the catch Ways to use a screwdriver
  16. You can’t see the uses by staring at the screwdriver.

    You find them by looking for situations where the screwdriver can perform a function.
  17. Interview current paying customers and find out why they switched

    to your solution and what motivated them. In what situations are they using your product? Practical Application No. 1
  18. If you need a startup or product idea, interview actors

    in the market that you’re interested in and find out what they struggle with. Practical Application No. 2
  19. “There’s actually no new consumption. They’re already getting the job

    done one way or another through a different category. We help people find the analogous categories, products, or situations where people are trying to make progress, but they can’t.” – Bob Moesta
  20. Think about what Job your product / service is solving.

    Next time you make a purchase ask yourself “What am I hiring this product for?” Practical Application No. 3
  21. Helpful Books & Links • Alan Klement - “When Coffee

    and Kale Compete” • Des Traynor - “Intercom on Jobs-to-be-Done” • Chris Spiek & Bob Moesta - “Jobs-to-be-Done The Handbook” • Clayton M. Christensen - “Competing Against Luck” • Strategyn - “Turn JTBS theory into practice” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3ujSdu8mYQ • Jobs to be Done: from Doubter to Believer by Sian Townsend - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNTW_9mFM7k • https://jtbd.info/ • http://jobstobedone.org/ • https://jobstobedone.ch/