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The Mün and back - a Kerbal tale

Secret Lab
July 24, 2015

The Mün and back - a Kerbal tale

A session about Kerbal Space Program from OSCON 2015. Presented by Jon Manning, Paris Buttfield-Addison, Alasdair Allan, Paul Fenwick, and Tim Nugent.


Secret Lab

July 24, 2015


  1. The Mün and Back: A Kerbal Tale Enterprise Kerbal Space

    Program (Foundation) in Containers, as a service, for microservices, at scale, in the cloud, using Arduino.
  2. Who We Are - Paris Buttfield-Addison – Srs Troublemaker, @parisba

    - Jon Manning – Troublemaker, @desplesda - Paul Fenwick – CKAN author, @pjf - Alasdair Allan – Did PhD with Scott Manley, @aallan - Tim Nugent – has more boardgames than you, @the_mcjones We’re the authors of The Kerbal Book, coming soon! Also isn’t it great co-authors can edit slides? Yes, it’s fantastic!
  3. An Unlimited Supply of Free Rockets We can use KSP

    to test some space hypotheses, such as...
  4. Let’s Go To Space, Which Is Up We’ll launch a

    rocket and go straight upwards, and see what happens
  5. Observations It falls back down to the ground! • BUT

  6. Creative Ways to Launch Your Rocket • Spaceflight is dangerous

    and expensive • NASA, ESA and the rest of the gang can’t afford to take unnecessary risks
  7. Options: - The Mün - Duna - Minmus - Eve

    - More distant planets? Where?
  8. Option #1: Mars Duna + Really pretty + Atmosphere for

    aerobraking - Far away - Transit windows are annoying
  9. Option #3: Minmus + Pretty close by + Lots of

    flat surfaces, good for stable landings + Pretty + Mint ice cream flavoured - Slightly trickier to get to than Mün
  10. Decision: Minmus! - What do you need in space? -

    Supplies - Power - Consumable resources - Eventually, the ability to build more rockets
  11. Missions - Send some initial people - Establish some infrastructure

    - Locate resource deposits - Send the rest
  12. Equipment - Pioneer Pod - Nuclear reactor - Greenhouse -

    Habitat - Expando-Tubes for connecting - Skycranes to lower into place - Wheels to position everything
  13. Life Support Mod - USI Life Support - Nutritional Optimised

    Meal Supplement (“N.O.M.S.”) - Kerbals eat it and it turns into Mulch - Greenhouses can convert Mulch back to Supplies - But not all of it
  14. Modular Kolony System Mod - Adds a bunch of features:

    - Habitation - Hydroponics - Resource extraction - Parts manufacturing - Designed for both in-space and on-planet colonisation
  15. RealismOverhaul.netkan { "spec_version" : "v1.2", "$kref" : "#/ckan/github/KSP-RO/RealismOverhaul", "$vref" :

    "#/ckan/ksp-avc", "name" : "Realism Overhaul", "identifier" : "RealismOverhaul", "abstract" : "Multipatch to KSP to give spacecraft components realistic stats and sizes, and performance based on real-world spacecraft.", "license" : "CC-BY-SA", "release_status" : "stable", "depends" : [ { "name" : "AdvancedJetEngine" }, { "name" : "CrossFeedEnabler" }, { "name" : "FerramAerospaceResearch" }, { "name" : "KerbalJointReinforcement" }, …], "resources" : { "homepage" : "http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/99966" }, "install" : [ ...
  16. “Seriously. I mod dozens of games, everything from Age of

    Empires to Sins of a Solar Empire to Bethesda stuff, and not one game out there has anything quite like CKAN. It's worlds ahead of any other mod manager program for any other game I've ever played” — /u/Pyrhhus
  17. WebSocket API Data can be collected from KSP using the

    Telemachus web socket API, which sits on top of the rfc6455 web socket protocol. To connect to the Telemachus web socket server use a URL of the following form. ws://<ip-address>:<port>/datalink
  18. The Squad way of playing KSP 1. Start a new

    game 2. Pick an easy mission 3. Finish it 4. Pick a harder mission 5. Finish it 6. Repeat Step 4
  19. How I think people play 1. Get confused 2. Manage

    to not blow up a rocket 3. Manage to orbit Kerbin 4. Manage to do something “cool” 5. Repeat step 4 6. Watch other people play KSP
  20. Challenges 1. People self-issue or accept 3rd party challenges from

    the to community 2. Try and complete the challenge 3. Generally then show it off
  21. ‘‘Right now the Kerbal’s vibrant green skin was flushing dark

    in arousal.’’ https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10607988/1/Structural-Failure
  22. Thanks! pjf’s CKAN patreon campaign at http://patreon.com/pjf0 Image Credits: •

    Screenshots from “Kerbal Space Program” © Squad • “Kerbal Space Oddysey” by Mk01 http://mk01.deviantart.com/art/Kerbal-Space- Odyssey-243246016 (CC-BY-NC-SA) • “Six Words” by Randall Munroe https://xkcd.com/1244/ (CC-BY-NC) • “Orbital Mechanics” by Randall Munroe https://xkcd.com/1356/ (CC-BY-NC) • “CRS-4” by SpaceX https://www.flickr.com/photos/spacexphotos/16661753958 (public domain) • “Planetoid plows into the primordial Earth” by Don Davis (public domain) https:// commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Planetoid_crashing_into_primordial_Earth.jpg • “Space Colony” by Rick Guidice (public domain) https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/ File:Spacecolony3edit.jpeg • Terrible illustrations by Jon, all rights reserved no stealing my top quality art ever • JK they’re under CC-BY Tweet us: @parisba, @desplesda, @pjf, @aallan, @the_mcjones