DDD, CQRS, ES, Hexagonal... and Symfony

DDD, CQRS, ES, Hexagonal... and Symfony

We talk a lot about various architectural approaches and how to make our projects better when using them to achieve business goals and technical quality. Unfortunately, we don't talk as much about the environment in which we apply those techniques - the framework - and since they represent the crucial part which determines the amount of work, I think we should. In this talk I'd like to show you how Symfony can be used with virtually any kind of approach - DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing, Hexagonal Architecture, and many more - and how well it fits in each of those use cases. There are no silver bullets, but some tools do a really good job of letting you take control, and Symfony is definitely one of them.


Tomasz Kowalczyk

June 13, 2019