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KampAIan pitch deck

KampAIan pitch deck

KampAIan, an AI-enabled crowdsourced geotagging app that aims to eradicate the rape culture and keep women safe

Shanelle Recheta

March 18, 2021

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  1. Latest Anti-Rape Tech Innovations • potential for product failure and

    unintended consequences • misplaced responsibilisation for sexual violence • misrepresentation of rape and sexual assault as stranger danger • potential to normalise sexual assault
  2. KampAIan: AI-enabled Social Networking Platform • Crowdsource-based Harrassment Heat Map

    and Geo-tagging • AI-enabled Sexual Assault Expert Chatbot • Wearable BIS textrode-based Alcohol Tracker
  3. Features: Kampay Alcohol Tracker with Wearable BIS BIOIMPEDANCE SPECTROSCOPY TECHNOLOGY

    • Embedded wearable textrode • Based on extracellular resistance and the base impedance • Measures increasing BAC • Automates BAC tracking and alert system
  4. Market Validation “Kailan na yan lalabas? Excited na ko!” -

    HR Recruiting Specialist from Pearson, works during graveyard shift “I feel safer. Lalo na pag maglalakad ako sa gabi.” - UP Diliman ECE student, commuter
  5. End Rape Culture! Be part of the Revolution! Potential Partners

    • Gabriela / Gabriela Youth (PH partylist) • UN Women Safe Cities (Metro Manila Programme) • UP Center for Women & Gender Studies (CWGS) • UP Gender and Development (GAD) Program • Office of Sen. Risa Hontiveros • Local govt units (Brgy. UP Campus / KNL for pilot testing)
  6. Future Work • Ally-to-Ally Chat Feature • Ally Experience Sharing:

    allies can share their own survivor stories and how they were able to get out of abusive and manipulative relationships • Secure Social Network • Accountability Partner Registration: should you know friends who are fond of social drinking, whether or not they have had encounters and whether or not they have tendencies to be violent, sign up as an accountability partner and get the same alerts (when partner has not answered call at ETA, when BAC is above threshold, etc) • Harassment Heat Map Display: gradient based on crime index and user tags
  7. Future Work • Red Flag and Safe Space Tagger •

    Forums and Comments Sections when zooming on Tags ◦ To create a safe space for survivors to validate their experiences ◦ To eliminate the taboo surrounding sexual violence and move the conversation forward ◦ With specification on whether the violation was encountered in 1) faith-based setting, 2) workplace, 3) domestic, 4) social, 5) transport ◦ Categorizes event ranging from groping, rape jokes, stalking ◦ Categorizes the degree of relation to the perpetrator as 1) stranger, 2) acquaintance, 3) relative, 4) intimate partner • AI is used to automate replies using a chatbot depending on previous reports tagged under these categories
  8. Future Work • Consolidated Database for Integrated Publicly-available Police Reports

    • Hostile Communications (chats with threats) Uploadable to System Database, Stored on User Account for Future Use as Evidence • Feature that allows adding a customized gesture control to automatically trigger a screen recording in case a hostile communication is in place and perpetrator does quick blocking and deleting ◦ Or, in case of a call, adding a customized gesture control that automatically records audio and uploads to system database • Access to Public Health Approach-Based Rape prevention Materials to those Registered as Allies
  9. Future Work • Teach adult community not to continue giving

    molesters access to children / victims • Expose the behavior patterns used by the socially skilled sex molesters • Access to tips on Identifying Molesters/Predators • Resources on Identifying Potentially Abusive Behavior (Gaslighting, Negging, etc) • Highly Secure Physical Server with Firewalls and Encryption ◦ To secure the identity of those who report ◦ To prevent hackers from getting useful info
  10. Future Work • Free SMS Service for Filing Reports •

    Nearby Rehab (for perpetrators) and Therapist and STD Clinics (for survivors) Location and Contacts Auto-Suggestion (when an incident is reported, this is automatically displayed to the user’s account) • Sexual Assault Expert Chatbots ◦ for those who hesitate to report • Automated Digital Rape Kit Progress Tracker