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BB Introduction at ITEigo

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October 09, 2014

BB Introduction at ITEigo



October 09, 2014


  1. What is Balloonbros?

  2. balloonbros Balloonbros Balloonbros is a team that acts very lively

    on the Internet. ! I’m belonging to Balloonbros as a developer, and developing some products with other team member.
  3. balloonbros Team members @tkengo It’s me. ! Act as a

    developer in Balloonbros. ! In Balloonbros, I’m using Ruby, JavaScript, Java.
  4. balloonbros Team members @keita_kawamoto He acts as a designer in

    Balloonbros. ! Professional for designing user experiences.
  5. balloonbros Team members @shoyan__ He acts as a developer same

    as me in Balloonbros. ! Recently he acts as also sound designer.
  6. balloonbros Products Intobox

  7. balloonbros Intobox Intobox is a web application which is able

    to send files to facebook friends even if we don't know their an e-mail address. ! The files sent from Intobox user to its friend is transferred to 'Intobox' directory on Dropbox.
  8. balloonbros Products Hometype2

  9. balloonbros Hometype Hometype provides keyboard manipulation for Hackers. ! This

    is an extension to operate Google Chrome without touching a mouse.
  10. balloonbros Products And next …

  11. balloonbros Products Balanceball

  12. balloonbros Products Balanceball is a game for Android smartphone. Now

    we are developing the game to publish it to GooglePlay store as soon as possible. ! We develop a game for first time.
  13. balloonbros Balloonbros We have a web site and a twitter

    account. ! Please check and follow us :)
  14. balloonbros Balloonbros Our web site Twitter Intobox Hometype Balanceball http://balloonbros.cc/

    https://twitter.com/balloonbros https://intobox.in/ http://tkengo.github.io/hometype/ comming soon…
  15. Thank you