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Introduction of Hometype

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August 27, 2014

Introduction of Hometype



August 27, 2014


  1. Introduction of Hometype in ITEigo@Fukuoka Kengo Tateishi (@tkengo)

  2. About me •Working at LINE Fukuoka. •Web developer. Using PHP,

    Ruby, Perl, JavaScript, and so on. •Studying English. •I have Twitter and Github account named @tkengo. I’m Kengo Tateishi
  3. About Hometype You can operate the browser without touching a

    mouse by installing this extension from the chrome web store. Hometype will give you great experience if you use the Vim editor usually! Hometype is an extension for GoogleChrome
  4. About Hometype •Scrolling in a document. •Following a link or

    a history and focusing a form. •Searching bookmarks, histories, closed tabs, applications. •Select a text like code snippets and copy it, finally paste it. Hometype has following functions:
  5. About Hometype All those functions are defined as ! in

    Hometype and they are assigned to any key. ’Command’
  6. About Hometype For example

  7. About Hometype is assigned to j key. is assigned to

    f key. is assigned to b key. is assigned to H key. •scrollDown command •followLink command •searchBookmarks command •backHistory command
  8. About Hometype Demo

  9. About Hometype Even more, Hometype has many functions.

  10. About Hometype This is Hometype introduction site. http://tkengo.github.io/hometype/ Also there

    is a tutorial.
  11. About Hometype Would you install Hometype to your GoogleChrome?

  12. Thank you