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There are plenty of common tools that learning and development professionals use every day as part of their work. But sometimes you discover a tool that opens new doors or makes an existing workflow much more effective, transforming your work for the better.

In this session, we’ll explore non-L&D tools that can improve your practice. Get ready for an exploration of tools that you can use to improve the work you do every day.

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Mike Taylor

August 31, 2021


  1. Outside the Box Non-L&D Tools for Improving your L&D Practice

    Learn more at mike-taylor.org
  2. Mike Taylor Eternally curious | Honorary Canadian Exploring the intersection

    of learning, technology & social media mike-taylor.org tmiket
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  5. Lace up your sneakers

  6. My Personal Tried & True Favorites These have had a

    big impact on my career
  7. Feedly Email Marketing Social Bookmarks

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  9. #MikeTaylor @tmiket Keep up with your interests efficiently and work

    more effectively
  10. #MikeTaylor @tmiket HELPS SOLVE: “YET ANOTHER PLACE TO LOOK” Websites

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  25. CAMPAIGN #MikeTaylor @tmiket Stand alone or Enhance Existing

  26. #MikeTaylor @tmiket BONUS: Actionable Data! CAMPAIGN Stand alone or Enhance

  27. Dynamic Content Content changes based on job role, location, etc

    Content based on an action taken or not taken The right content to the right people at the right time #MikeTaylor @tmiket
  28. Sometimes we like to over complicate learning...but this is one

    of the best examples of learning I’ve seen for a long time. I’m due a password change soon - so my business auto send useful info (#PerformanceSupport). No LMS - No tracking - just simple, easy learning! Nick Lee @N1ckL33 #MikeTaylor @tmiket
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  36. AI is Changing the Game Creating Content Faster & More

    Efficiently with AI
  37. mike-taylor.org 38 MURF.AI A text-based voice over maker with hyper

    realistic AI voices. CONTENT CREATION
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  41. Example Voice from MURF.AI

  42. mike-taylor.org 43 Type Studio Web-based app that lets you edit

    your video by editing text. * Add subtitles * Translate video * Annotate video CONTENT CREATION
  43. None
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  46. mike-taylor.org 47 Descript Descript is a collaborative audio/video editor that

    works like a Google doc. It includes transcription, a screen recorder, publishing, and some mind-bendingly useful AI tools. CONTENT CREATION
  47. Descript Video

  48. Automating & Connecting Tools Adding superpowers to the tools you

    already have
  49. 3 Ways to Connect Your Apps Plugins Market Place Automation

  50. Plugins

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  52. Window 53 BrightSlide Brightslide is an AMAZING add-in for PowerPoint.

    It adds superpowers and you will love it. Just go download it now and thank me later! CONTENT CREATION
  53. Marketplaces

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  56. Window 57 Luma Build a beautiful website for your Zoom

    event in 2 minutes: * Beautiful event pages * Email communications * Attendance & analytics * Sell tickets & accept donations CONTENT CREATION
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  58. Management Features Communications Beautiful Registration Sites

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  60. Automation

  61. What is automation? Simply setting something up to run automatically.

  62. What can you automate? Tasks you do frequently. Sending a

    weekly reminder to your team to fill out a meeting agenda. Moving data between apps Adding tasks from a project management app into your personal to-do list app. “Brain dead” work Copying the emails of event attendees to a spreadsheet.
  63. No Matter Your Role or Industry Saving files to the

    cloud Updating calendars Scheduling calls Keeping everything and everyone on track Receive and send notifications about upcoming events Turn emails and messages into tasks Save contracts and invoices to the cloud Notify your team when a task is completed Save important tasks to a to-do list Automate your calendar Fill out invoices Get top industry news in the channel of your choice
  64. Plumbing for the internet

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  71. Start in minutes, save hours Zapier is faster and easier

    than building your own integration, and you won't need to write any code.
  72. #CUNA @tmiket A form response submitted Register email to webinar

    session A new video in Dropbox Upload to Wistia A new Eventbrite registration Add to Zoom registration
  73. Example Avoid manual "grunt work" This saved TONS of time!

  74. Blended Learning Program Registration data sent to other apps automatically

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  76. Quick Start Guide https://zapier.com/learn/zapier-quick-start-guide/ zapier.com/learn/


  78. Custom Solutions with #NoCode Tools that enable non-technical people to

    build custom apps
  79. "It's not just engineers that can build something useful on

    the internet. It really could be anyone." Ryan Hoover | Founder of Product Hunt,
  80. Can’t code? No Problem!


  82. #NOCODE

  83. Automation (Logic) Data Design & Content (UI) 3 Elements of

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  87. airtable.com/universe

  88. Content Management

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  91. Auto-updates New Content Configure & Align Data

  92. Click to add text

  93. Click to add text

  94. Mobile Apps

  95. GlideApps

  96. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NbY2LA3wNM

  97. Employee Training Onboarding Events/Conferences Performance Reviews

  98. GlideApps → xAPI (via Zapier) → LRS https://www.devlinpeck.com/tutorials/glide-xapi-button

  99. Learn More

  100. 100daysofnocode.com Format Shape » Fill » File…or Clipboard

  101. www.nocode.tech Format Shape » Fill » File…or Clipboard

  102. Keeping Up With New Tools

  103. Wonder Tools K E E P I N G U

    P W I T H N E W T E C H wondertools.substack.com
  104. Product Hunt K E E P I N G U

    P W I T H N E W T E C H producthunt.com
  105. Friday Finds K E E P I N G U

    P W I T H N E W T E C H mike-taylor.org
  106. THANK YOU! Drop your email here and I’ll send you

    everything. http://gettalk.at/atdkc mike-taylor.org @tmiket #MikeTaylor