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Tools for Thinking Outside the Course

Tools for Thinking Outside the Course

There are many things that go into a successful eLearning program. Success or failure can depend on how well you’re able to navigate the challenge of finding the right tools for the job while staying within your often-limited budget. Fortunately, there are a number of free tools that can help you conquer this challenge,

In this session, we’ll explore a collection of free tools that can help improve your eLearning outcomes. You’ll look at creative uses for web forms/survey/polling tools, email marketing tools like MailChimp, options for adding interactivity to online videos, and options for collecting and sharing the supporting resources that go along with eLearning course. While none of these are traditional authoring tools, they can make your learning programs better, as well as unlock a few alternative options you might not have considered yet.

LINKS & RESOURCES: https://gettalk.at/outside

Mike Taylor

July 13, 2021

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  1. IMAGINE... ...a standard compliance course, but instead of your go-to

    30 minute eLearning module, you do the following: Collect insights from your audience using a form Send them a link in an email to an interactive video that takes their inputs into consideration Automate the process Collect platform data along the way Update interactive video based on data before you have the next cohort go through the process
  2. Microsoft Forms *Good for corporate environments Tripetto Survey Monkey Survey

    Gizmo Jotform Typeform Wufoo Airtable *My Favorite!
  3. Mindstamp Easy and powerful interactivity in your browser Any existing

    video Most features More robust reporting Variables for personalization Zapier integration *