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Development in a startup

November 05, 2018

Development in a startup

JDDStudy #4 DevOps & Serverless, TECH PLAY SHIBUYA


November 05, 2018

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  1. ABOUT ME Takuya Noguchi (GH/GL: @tnir / Tw: @tn961ir /

    FB: @tn961ir) 20-yr engineering in digital transformation (DX) 2008- AWS, GCP (App Engine), G Suite (ex-Gmail for Your Domain) Tech Lead, Japan Digital Design DevOps Project software development (Mobile payment, IoT) Tech recruiting & community relations (sponsor of PyCon JP 2018, speaker of JDDStudy #3 The state of DevOps) Community activities GitLab (Core), Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), Docker Tokyo, Kamiyacho.k8s, Prometheus Tokyo NEW: Django Girls Tokyo (coach & sponsor), GitLab Women (speaker), Japan Container Days v18.12 (committee member)
  2. DEVOPS WITH DOCKER/KUBERNETES Serverless Container Dev DataOps Cite from: DevOps

    in JDD (2018-09-18) Kubernetes →Stability? ɹˠ1.12 (3 years after GA) →Clusters? ɹˠmanaged Kubernetes clusters ɹɹɹe.g., GKE, AKS, EKS, IKS →DevOps lifecycle? ɹˠEnterprise k8s suite! ɹɹɹor GitLab (+ GitOps)
  3. KUBERNETES VS SERVERLESS https://www.slideshare.net/jacopen/k8spaasserverless (Japan Container Days v18.04) https://containerdays.jp/ Serverless

    (TODAY’s topic) is effective in many cases, but Kubernetes is still useful in many other cases.
  4. CULTURE THAN TOOLS We can introduce DevOps tools. Culture? Education?

    Not many developers are familiar with containers/Kuberentes (as they are blockchain, frontend, design, backend etc.) →Leads should have in-company training or ask them to go seminars (re:Invent etc.).
  5. WORK LIKE OSS “Getting Started with InnerSource” by Andy Oram

    http://oreilly.com/programming/free/getting-started-with-innersource.csp We are adapting culture from OSS development. GitLab, Inc. (author of “Remote Only” Manifesto) Agile, scrum, code connected with issues etc.