HTTPS is Coming: Are You Prepared?

980df66b142b2a067b3f8b67b04352de?s=47 Zack Tollman
November 07, 2015

HTTPS is Coming: Are You Prepared?

Google, Firefox, and the IETF are currently engaged in major initiatives to convert the web to be secure by default. Page ranking, new browser APIs, and HTTP/2 are all pushing websites to require HTTPS. An HTTPS only web is imminent. Unfortunately, according to SSL Pulse, 75% of the top 1 million websites that use HTTPS are not actually secure because of misconfiguration. Do you know how to configure HTTPS properly? In this talk, we will discuss the key aspects of HTTPS to empower developers to deploy truly secure HTTPS sites.


Zack Tollman

November 07, 2015