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Speed as a Feature: Getting a Handle on Page Load Time

Speed as a Feature: Getting a Handle on Page Load Time

Understanding why your page is rendering slowly is the first step to improving your page load speed. The faster your pages load, the better the site will convert and the happier your clients will be! In this talk, Zack will introduce you to concepts that affect your site’s performance, including network connectivity, CSS rendering, and latency. Comprehension of these core performance concepts will then be used to inform sensible recommendations for overcoming these problems. Throughout the discussion, tools for exploring your site’s performance will be demonstrated to show how to optimize your site through proper measurement.

Zack Tollman

June 28, 2014

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  1. Speed as a Feature: Getting a Handle on Page Load

    Time Zack Tollman | The Theme Foundry | @tollmanz
  2. Subtract out the 1.4 s HTML load time 2.4s start

    render 2.9s visually complete
  3. wordpress.org 768 ms Total Connection Time 546ms DNS | 102ms

    TCP | 120ms SSL openatd.svn.wordpress.org 1311 ms Total Connection Time 548ms DNS | 102ms TCP | 661ms SSL 1.6s 3.8s
  4. DNS TCP SSL Total Before 546 102 120 768 After

    33 34 121 188 wp-trac.css After: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/140621_DF_473de51635dee46ce4b30daecec83dbd/1/details/
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