Pacific Roller & Die Internal Sand Blaster and Paint Sprayer

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February 08, 2013

Pacific Roller & Die Internal Sand Blaster and Paint Sprayer

Version 1 Presentation for Pipeline Project in Russia



February 08, 2013


  1. 2.

    Sand Blaster operates with Electric motor drive Air operated Drive

    motor for Paint Spray Liner to prevent ignition of coating Air operated Controller for Spray Operation Paint Sprayer Controller
  2. 5.

    Optional Dustless Operation using a industrial vacuum pickup and customized

    adapter This facilitates recovery of blast media and dramatic dust reduction.
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  4. 8.
  5. 9.

    This is the highest wear item and is meant to

    sacrifice to protect other parts from wear. Wear Tubes (ROT-B_006) change out about 40 – 100 hours of service @ $140.00/each. One additional wear tube comes with the unit.
  6. 11.
  7. 12.

    Emergency Switch to be disengage to start Step 1 Step

    3 Start Button Step 2 Power On Switch
  8. 13.

    The speed rate is adjusted using this dial and will

    regulated the “SP” level of prep called for by the coatings manufacturer. Forward and reverse switch
  9. 14.
  10. 15.

    Electric Motor Driven Sand Blaster Note: Be sure to ask

    for a wash down motor and not the one shown in these photos which are not. Sand Blast Hose Connection
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  12. 17.
  13. 19.
  14. 20.

    Air Operated Controller for Paint Sprayer on a stand without

    the panel. Main Air Regulator Air Pressure Gauge Forward and reverse lever
  15. 23.

    Speed Adjustment knobs for the travel and orbiting speed of

    the unit Orbital Sprayer in the background with the Controller in the foreground
  16. 27.

    Oil reserve on the top of the air operated pump

    for the orbital sprayer Belts are maintenance items
  17. 28.
  18. 30.

    Graco Fitting for connection to the Spray Equipment Fitting to

    terminate the PRD orbital sprayer at the delivery point of the coating to which has to be adapted for third party nozzzels.