Cooling Tower Project

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January 20, 2013

Cooling Tower Project

Cooling Tower removal of filter block and coating for sealing and waterproofing. General Contractor Pan Pacific and coatings contractor Innovative Waterproofing.



January 20, 2013


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    The Vendor Pan Pacific Supply is an approved Calpine vendor.

    Completed 2012 Projects: Calpine King City Phase I Pending 2013 Projects: Calpine Yuba City Calpine King City Phase II Call Dan Collier of Pan Pacific for more information:
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    Benefits: • Multiple Functionality • Waterproofing • Corrosion Protection •

    Chemical Resistant • Money Saving • Lower preparation costs with power wash only • Long Lasting results • Health and Safety • No VOC’s – Exceeds California Standards • Cannot be sparked and ignited • No Sand Blasting required Pan Pacific Supply uses Perlastic because:
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    Repair of a Cooling Tower floor Pin Hole Perforations •

    900% coating elongation • Tietex integrated fabric Corrosion Protection • 80 mils thick coating will prevent corrosion • No pin holes will return Chemical Resistance • Good Sulfuric Acid resistance • Excellent Salts resistance Example: Calpine King City using Perlastic Coating by CETCO
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    The Coating Process Day One • Drain and remove filler

    block • Clean the floor with power washing “no sand blasting” to water line Day Two • Prepare with Perlastic RG & Tietex to bridge perforations & make transitions • Spray Perlastic SG to 80 dry mils Day Three • Remove masking & replace filler block while maintaining fan movement • Perform QC procedures 3 or 4 days to complete
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    Floor partially sprayed with special attention to the bolts Note:

    Fan set up for accelerated cure based solely on air movement. Walkable in 20 minutes or less.