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Open source for fun and profit: rethinking the long road of sustainability.

Open source for fun and profit: rethinking the long road of sustainability.

Open source for fun and profit: rethinking the long road of sustainability.

It is not an understatement to say that today, in 2021, the world runs on open source. Wherever you look, you will find open-source software in the wild - whether you have a smartphone in your pocket or if you see a self-driving car passing by or rockets orbiting in space, open-source is even in simple tasks as deciding what to watch tonight. Open-source software and open infrastructure not only serve as the engine that powers our world. It also enables folks to get together and connect isolated individuals, communities, and missions.

With this in mind, the most important questions we should be asking is: who and what fuels open source? In this presentation, I will discuss how open source can bring individuals together to form communities. And more importantly, how we can rethink open-source and labour to ensure its long-term sustainability.


Tania Allard

October 19, 2021

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  1. OSS for Fun and Profit Rethinking the long road to

    sustainability DDD E a st Midla nds 2021 Tania Allard, PhD (she-her) trallard.dev @ixek
  2. About me Tania Allard Co director Quansight Labs Director PSF

    Member of Pyladies Global Council Chair DISC (Diversity in Scientific Computing) Industrial Fellow Alan Turing Institute GDE (Google Developer Expert) Machine Learning All around open source nerd and advocate Mechanical Keyboards aficionada
  3. 1# Brief History Lesson 2# The State of Current Affairs

    3# Sustaining OSS 4# Wrapping-Up 3 trallard.dev @ixek Content
  4. Every day life Open your phone, social media, news, medical

    records, your credit score, your bank app, your new self driving car. They all have something in common: they are all using (or are built with) free and public software 4 trallard.dev @ixek
  5. 5 Chapter 1 A brief history of free and public

    software and the people who built it trallard.dev @ixek
  6. 6 Because Free and Open were not always the norm

    trallard.dev @ixek
  7. 7 MS-Dos was released in 1981, marking the emergence of

    the commercial licenses. No copies, no distribution, no modification. Precedent This marks the emergence of proprietary software
  8. 8 1983 GNU birth leading to the “free software movement”

    1984 Free Software foundation Activism Free software has its roots in social advocacy
  9. 9 Shifting the conversation from politics to technology Technology shift

    Netscape released The source code Of their browser Leading to the birth of Open Source and the Open Source Initiative
  10. 10 You know what free and open source software are

    trallard.dev @ixek I did not want to make the assumption that
  11. The four freedoms 11 0# Run 2# Redistribute 3# Improve

    The software for any purpose And make copies so you can help your neighbour The programme and release your improvements to the public so the whole community benefits trallard.dev @ixek 1# Study How the programme works https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.en.html#four-freedoms
  12. The four freedoms 12 Free as Beer 🍻 No price

    tag included (Spanish gratis) trallard.dev @ixek Free as a Bird 🦜 Free software movement (Spanish libre) Free as speech Unfortunately many conflate these two
  13. Open Source definiton 1. Free Distribution 2. Source Code 3.

    Derived Works 4. Integrity of the Author’s Source Code 5. No Discrimination Against Groups or Individuals 13 trallard.dev @ixek 6. No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavour 7. Distribution of License 8. License Must Not Be Specific to a Product 9. License Must Not Restrict Other Software 10.License Must Be Technology Neutral https://opensource.org/osd-annotated
  14. 14 A social unit of people who share common values

    and mission trallard.dev @ixek Community
  15. From the book 15 “Open Source is a development methodology;

    free software is a social movement” Richard Stallman trallard.dev @ixek
  16. 16 Chapter 2 The State of Open Source in 2021

    trallard.dev @ixek
  17. 17 FOSS makes it exponentially cheaper and easier to build

    software Long gone are the days when companies relied only on proprietary software trallard.dev @ixek
  18. 18 FOSS makes it exponentially cheaper and easier to build

    software Open Source has fuelled the startup boom trallard.dev @ixek
  19. 19 Given us, tech folks, higher bargaining power Move from

    one company to another? Fine Want better opportunities? Bring your knowledge and expertise with you trallard.dev @ixek
  20. 20 Has the potential to be more stable and secure

    Theoretically it has many more eyes and hands on, meaning the code should be less vulnerable to security flaws and disruption in service trallard.dev @ixek
  21. 21 Overall increase of FOSS usage and adoption over the

    last decades 🎉 trallard.dev @ixek Resulting in
  22. By the numbers 22 GitHub Octoverse 2021 trallard.dev @ixek https://octoverse.github.com/

  23. By the numbers 23 GitHub Octoverse 2021 trallard.dev @ixek https://octoverse.github.com/

  24. By the numbers 24 GitHub Octoverse 2021 trallard.dev @ixek https://octoverse.github.com/

  25. Come 2016 Nadia Eghbal released “Rotes and Bridges” About me

    25 trallard.dev @ixek https://www.fordfoundation.org/work/learning/research-reports/roads-and-bridges-the-unseen-labor-behind-our-digital-infrastructure/
  26. From the book 26 “In a world driven by the

    technology, we are putting increased demand on those who maintain our digital infrastructure” Nadia Eghbal trallard.dev @ixek
  27. Companies and orgs for open source funding Mozilla Open Source

    Support Grants Liberapay Open Collective GitHub Sponsors Linux Foundation Community Bridge CZI EOSS grants 27 trallard.dev @ixek Technologists turned to their comfort zone: build software
  28. One thing i s not the s ame a s

    the other 28 Money and sustainability Not the same trallard.dev @ixek
  29. There is a problem Volunteer burnout Community mismanagement Lack of

    governance Larger funding needed for critical improvements 29 trallard.dev @ixek But we are trying to solve them with short-term crowdfunding
  30. An oldie but goodie trallard.dev @ixek https://twitter.com/choldgraf/status/1149670192982700032

  31. 31 FOSS sustainability is a very complex problem Don’t you

    say trallard.dev @ixek
  32. FOSS sustainability essentials New-Theme 32 1# Contributing Back 2# Human

    and Environmental Diversity (Geo, Tools, People) 3# Community Safety trallard.dev @ixek
  33. 33 Chapter 3 Reimagining sustainability trallard.dev @ixek

  34. 34 Calculating the cost of open source sustainability trallard.dev @ixek

  35. 35 Indirect costs trallard.dev @ixek Direct costs

  36. 36 Developing an OSS sustainability strategy (that works for your

    team) trallard.dev @ixek
  37. 1. Determine what projects are critical or strategically important for

    your team 37 trallard.dev @ixek
  38. 2. Evaluate the longevity needs of the project and current

    gaps 38 trallard.dev @ixek
  39. 3. Contribute, listen, engage, participate 39 trallard.dev @ixek

  40. From the book 40 “Access is not only about being

    able to read but being able to have a voice and shape the directions, economic models and infrastructure” Juan Pablo Alperin trallard.dev @ixek https://www.force11.org/blog/open-access-inclusion-interview-juan-pablo-alperin
  41. As a company 41 Administrative support trallard.dev @ixek Fiscal Sponsorship-

    Corporate programmes Improving relationships between projects and external stakeholders Increasing support of diverse skills sets and non-coding functions
  42. As an individual 42 Talent trallard.dev @ixek Time Money

  43. 43 Quansight Labs is a non profit division of Quansight

    created to provide a home for a “PyData Core Team” which consists of developers, community managers, designers, and documentation writers who build open- source technology around all aspects of the AI and Data Science workflow. trallard.dev @ixek Us
  44. As a company 44 Administrative support trallard.dev @ixek Fiscal Sponsorship-

    Corporate programmes Improving relationships between projects and external stakeholders Increasing support of diverse skills sets and non-coding functions
  45. As a company 45 Administrative support ✅ trallard.dev @ixek Fiscal

    Sponsorship-✅ Community work orders Hire, mentor, support emerging leaders in OSS Guaranteed time and resources for OSS maintainers and core devs
  46. 46 Chapter 4 Hopefully by now I have convinced you

    to support OSS trallard.dev @ixek
  47. 47 It takes time and commitment trallard.dev @ixek

  48. So why doing it? More reliable products and supply chain

    Collaboration between groups Better communication Improved employee retention and recruiting 48 trallard.dev @ixek As a company
  49. So why doing it? Build reputation Create new opportunities for

    oneself and others Support emerging markets Increase tech equity and democratisation 49 trallard.dev @ixek As an individual
  50. La st words 50 And it is so worth it

    💜 trallard.dev @ixek
  51. La st words 51 trallard.dev @ixek https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/

  52. 52 Thanks Tania Allard @ixek