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Mentored Sprints 2022 - kickoff

Mentored Sprints 2022 - kickoff

Tania Allard

April 30, 2022

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  1. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Welcome to PyCon mentored sprints Pycon 2022 https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22

  2. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 General housekeeping Projects’ intro Mentored sprints intro Intro

    to open source contributions 1 2 3 4 Agenda
  3. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Your onsite mentored sprints team Zac hatfield-dodds Cheuk

    ho https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22
  4. Housekeeping 01

  5. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 All in local times • 2:00 pm -

    Kick off • 2:30 pm - Sprints start (roughly) • 3:45-4:15 pm - Afternoon break • 5:45 pm Wrap up • 6:00 pm End Schedule https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22
  6. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Code of conduct We want every attendee to

    feel welcome and have an enjoyable, fulfilling experience at PyCon, even in a virtual event. Please familiarize yourself with PyCon’s Code of Conduct and Attendee Procedure For Reporting Code of Conduct Incidents: https://us.pycon.org/2022/about/code-of-conduct/ Report any incidents to pycon-us-report@python.org https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22
  7. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Be kind, respectful and open to help others

  8. Mentored sprints intro 02

  9. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Build a community Give back to open source

    Empower folks and support dei efforts Our goals https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22
  10. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 In a nutshell The Turing Way project illustration

    by Scriberia. Zenodo: http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3695300
  11. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 🔖 https://mentored-sprints.netlify.app/ These slides: https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22 Links to keep

  12. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 How it sprints work Choose project Pair up

    with someone Find an issue item to work on hands-on Get contributing 🎉 Check in with your mentor and let folks know you are working on it Projects intro soon Optional* https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22
  13. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 • Ask for help as needed • Be

    mindful and considerate • Struggling with an issue? They are the best to help with debugging and setup issues Notes about mentors https://mentored-sprints.netlify.app/participants/02-asking-questions/ https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22
  14. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 General mentors General questions - Python, Git They

    will be around for the sprint 󰗜
  15. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Pair programming sprinting

  16. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Can I help others? Of course! Pair sprinting

    is encouraged. https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22
  17. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Finding a sprint buddy 󰟲 Someone interested in

    the same project 👀 An extra pair of eyes are helpful 󰢂 Ask first-some may not be comfortable with close contact/ interactions
  18. projects 03

  19. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 GNU Mailman https://gitlab.com/mailman

  20. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Hypothesis and all things testing https://github.com/HypothesisWorks/hypothesis

  21. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Spyder https://gitlab.com/mailman

  22. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Arcade https://github.com/pythonarcade/community-rpg

  23. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 GDSfactory https://github.com/gdsfactory/gdsfactory

  24. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Ploomber https://github.com/ploomber/ploomber

  25. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Numpy and scipy https://github.com/numpy/numpy, https://github.com/scipy/scipy

  26. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Robyn https://github.com/sansyrox/robyn

  27. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 General mentors say hi 󰗜

  28. Quick intro to contributions 04

  29. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Git vs github https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22

  30. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Git vs gitlab https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22

  31. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 What makes a folder a “git repository”? 📁

    • Only one thing – the existence of a hidden .git directory. • Once this is present you can use the git status command https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22
  32. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Forks 🍴 • Since you want to contribute

    back to the project we have to make a fork • A fork is your own copy of the source code that we will work on Repo_A - some GitHub account Repo_A_fork - your GitHub account https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22
  33. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Forks 🍴 Repo_A - some GitHub account Repo_A_fork

    - your GitHub account https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22
  34. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 cloning 󰰁 • After making a fork you

    need to clone it locally Repo_A - some GitHub account Repo_A_fork - your GitHub account Your personal Computer (a.k.a local) Example: $ git clone https://github.com/scipy/scipy .git https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22
  35. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 working 󰟲 • You work on your fork

    Repo_A - some GitHub account Repo_A_fork - your GitHub account Your personal Computer (a.k.a local) Push to your Fork - i.e. add changes ✨ https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22
  36. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 This is how we ask the maintainers to

    incorporate our changes into the original repository PR (Pull request) 🎁 Repo_A - some GitHub account Repo_A_fork - your GitHub account https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22
  37. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 1. Find and issue or item to work

    on 2. Fork the repo and clone it locally 3. Make a new branch git branch new_branch 4. Change to new branch git switch new_branch 5. Work on changes 6. Run tests 7. Commit and push changes (sync your fork and clone) 8. Open a pr (from your remote fork) 9. Review and address comments 10. Celebrate when your PR is merged 🎉 PR lifecycle https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22
  38. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 You do not have to memorise this We

    have mentors here today! The best part https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22
  39. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Sprinting time! https://bit.ly/mentoredsprints-22

  40. @MentoredSprints mentored-sprints.dev
 Reach out to: organisers@mentored-sprints.dev https://mentored-sprints.dev https://twitter.com/MentoredSprints Have fun!