Lightning Talk: Ruby Toolbox For iOS developer

Lightning Talk: Ruby Toolbox For iOS developer



Hsien Chun Lin

December 08, 2012


  1. Ruby Toolbox For iOS developer 運⽤用Ruby-based的⼯工具加速iOS⾏行動應⽤用開發 - Anderson Lin

  2. Greetings. The name is Anderson. (@trisix /

  3. A Dicer.

  4. Basically an guy. iOS App developer and designer.

  5. Currently working on iCook愛料理 iPhone & iPad App

  6. Used to try to learn Ruby to build game using

    RPGMaker & RGSS...not went well though. When I was little...
  7. But it’s not the end.

  8. Third party libraries.

  9. Great!

  10. Dependency.

  11. Well, not that great.

  12. Copy the source code directly? Bad to maintain.

  13. $ git submodule ? Basically OK, yet sometimes it’s like

    some people’s Facebook relationship status: It’s complicated.
  14. “Hey, where’s Bundler for iOS development?” Read this before...

  15. There you go!

  16. Install it $ gem install cocoapods Edit the Podfile to

    add whatever you want to use $ subl Podfile For first time usage $ pod setup Install it $ pod install open the xcodeworkspace $ open thisisatest.xcworkspace
  17. How about provision files and devices management?

  18. cupertino

  19. Install it $ gem install cupertino Login to the Apple

    dev center $ ios login After that you can do something like $ ios devices:list To get current device list. Or $ ios devices:add "iPad 2"=def456 "iPad 3"=ghi789 ... To add new devices. Or you can do other things.
  20. Notice this: currently cupertino is not support for multiple account.

  21. How about beta test?

  22. TestFlight Upload with: Web Inteface or Native Mac Applicaiton

  23. How about a CLI?


  25. Install it $ gem install shenzhen Build ipa for your

    project $ ipa build Ship it! $ ipa distribute or $ ipa distribute:hockeyapp $ ipa distribute:testflight
  26. Notice this: you still need type the API Token and

    the Team Token while you are using shenzhen.
  27. Thanks.