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Lightning Talk: Ruby Toolbox For iOS developer

Lightning Talk: Ruby Toolbox For iOS developer



Hsien Chun Lin

December 08, 2012

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  1. Ruby Toolbox For iOS developer 運⽤用Ruby-based的⼯工具加速iOS⾏行動應⽤用開發 - Anderson Lin

  2. Greetings. The name is Anderson. (@trisix / d.trisix@gmail.com)

  3. A Dicer. http://tw.polydice.com/

  4. Basically an guy. iOS App developer and designer.

  5. Currently working on iCook愛料理 iPhone & iPad App http://icook.tw/mobile

  6. Used to try to learn Ruby to build game using

    RPGMaker & RGSS...not went well though. When I was little... http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/RGSS
  7. But it’s not the end.

  8. Third party libraries.

  9. Great!

  10. Dependency.

  11. Well, not that great.

  12. Copy the source code directly? Bad to maintain.

  13. $ git submodule ? Basically OK, yet sometimes it’s like

    some people’s Facebook relationship status: It’s complicated.
  14. “Hey, where’s Bundler for iOS development?” Read this before...

  15. There you go! http://cocoapods.org/ https://github.com/CocoaPods/CocoaPods

  16. Install it $ gem install cocoapods Edit the Podfile to

    add whatever you want to use $ subl Podfile For first time usage $ pod setup Install it $ pod install open the xcodeworkspace $ open thisisatest.xcworkspace
  17. How about provision files and devices management?

  18. https://github.com/mattt/cupertino cupertino

  19. Install it $ gem install cupertino Login to the Apple

    dev center $ ios login After that you can do something like $ ios devices:list To get current device list. Or $ ios devices:add "iPad 2"=def456 "iPad 3"=ghi789 ... To add new devices. Or you can do other things.
  20. Notice this: currently cupertino is not support for multiple account.

  21. How about beta test?

  22. TestFlight Upload with: Web Inteface or Native Mac Applicaiton https://testflightapp.com/

  23. How about a CLI?

  24. https://github.com/mattt/shenzhen

  25. Install it $ gem install shenzhen Build ipa for your

    project $ ipa build Ship it! $ ipa distribute or $ ipa distribute:hockeyapp $ ipa distribute:testflight
  26. Notice this: you still need type the API Token and

    the Team Token while you are using shenzhen.
  27. Thanks.