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How .Tuenti develops tech products

December 03, 2015

How .Tuenti develops tech products

.Tuenti tech products development.
A talk by Darío Alonso, Product Manager in .Tuenti, at IE Technology Summit 2015


December 03, 2015

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  1. What’s in for me? • Thoughts & experience from over-10-year

    experience: • Worked on companies like eBay, Qualcomm, or .Tuenti • In a number of countries including Germany, Switzerland, USA, and Spain ;) • In companies dealing with e-commerce, smartphones manufacturing, location-based services, and telco I hope you guys have some fun and get some benefits from the talk!
  2. Year 2007: • Nokia mobile phone business delivered over €35B*(40%

    market share globally) • Believe it or not, it was cool to own a Nokia N76 - huh!, that brick? • Apple released the first iPhone on June 2007 • Tuenti was born 1 year before... *.Source : disruptiveinnovation.se
  3. Things change very quickly, so be prepared... 1. (Really!) listening

    to your market 2. Ideating 3. Delivering to customers quickly 4. Measuring what happens 5. Incorporating feedback into your product 6. Delivering again & keep iterating!
  4. Things change very quickly, so be prepared… Deliver & test

    as quick as you can Listen Ideate Deliver Feedback / learnings Measure KPI
  5. 1. Listening to your market • Strong link to our

    customers: ◦ Customer Care reports: quantitative & qualitative ◦ Customer research (UX dept) ◦ PMs keeping up-to-date and running benchmarks ◦ Internal dialog / brainstorms: use internal brain power (it’s really strong!) ◦ Promote idea exchange & culture of challenging anything - nothing is granted!
  6. 2. Ideating • Build your case: ◦ Shape what to

    do ◦ Justify it: ▪ Define your vision ▪ Problem/need that solves ▪ Provide facts (numbers): internal & external data ▪ Define & estimate dev project: what you’ll deliver when ▪ Get it signed off!
  7. 3. Deliver to customers quickly • So you have your

    budget to develop… yeah! ◦ Write your product specs (as user stories) ◦ Work out your UX ◦ Get your visuals when needed (normally they are in customer facing tech products!) ◦ Put your engineers to develop in agile mode, not forgetting your tracking! ◦ Be ready to ask questions and be the 1st QA rep
  8. 4. Measure and get feedback • Track what your KPIs

    say: ◦ Success / fail? ◦ Analyse & extract actionable conclusions: how to improve results ◦ Decide product evolution: ▪ New features ▪ What to remove ◦ And get back to step #3
  9. Development process management • Specs writing: (V)PRD -> engineering team

    • 2-week sprint planning • Follow-up during development • Verify • Working delivery at the end of sprint • Retrospective
  10. Common pitfalls & traps • Paralizing by analysing: a (tech)

    company is like a bicycle, if you stop, you fall down • Not defining the right KPIs for your goals • Not considering your stakeholders right and engaging them late
  11. Mistakes • Not having a clear goal • Not having

    defined what to do with enough detail • Not dogfooding
  12. Product Development in Spain / Tuenti / other places •

    Spain: ◦ doesn’t exist or very scarce at least on the tech landscape, even though it’s changing ◦ often understood as product marketing • .Tuenti: ◦ pretty much understood the American way ◦ be the CEO of your product, very linked to tech