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Chris Savage - Buying Out Your Own Company

Chris Savage - Buying Out Your Own Company

Turing Fest

July 05, 2023

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  1. SUBTITLE, NAME, ETC In 2017, we raised $17.3M in debt

    to do a leveraged buyout of our own company
  2. SUBTITLE, NAME, ETC We focused on getting profitable Once that

    happened we started focusing on long term stuff
  3. SUBTITLE, NAME, ETC “We talk a lot about short- term

    revenue now. Watching revenue and reacting to it is good. Basing all our work around its near-term movement is bad.” - VP of Engineering
  4. SUBTITLE, NAME, ETC Missing a forecast ⛈ -150K -75K 0K

    75K 150K 225K 300K January February March April
  5. SUBTITLE, NAME, ETC Where are we now? 10 years in

    $17M in ARR -$4M in EBITDA 82 Employees
  6. SUBTITLE, NAME, ETC Growth 📈 Revenue growth rate increased Gross

    margins improved by 4% $10M swing in EBITDA in one year
  7. SUBTITLE, NAME, ETC Things take longer than you think We

    underestimate focus When you make big changes, go for it