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質とスピード / Quality and Speed

質とスピード / Quality and Speed

初演: 2019/10/31 @ EOF2019

Takuto Wada

October 31, 2019

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  1. Accessibility Adaptability Administrability Analyzability Auditability Availability Calibrability Changeability Compatibility Configurability

    Exploitability Extensibility Flexibility Functionality Installability Integrability Internationalizability Interoperability Learnability Maintainability Marketability Maturity Modifiability Operability Personalizability Portability Recoverability Reliability Replaceability Reusability Scalability Security Sensitivity Stability Suitability Supportability Testability Traceability Transactionality Understandability Upgradeability Usability ... and lots more!
  2. External Quality: Correctness, Usability, Efficiency, Reliability, Integrity, Adaptability, Accuracy, Robustness

    Internal Quality: Maintainability, Flexibility, Portability, Re-usability, Readability, Testability, Understandability ֎෦඼࣭ͱ಺෦඼࣭
  3. Joseph P. Cavano and James A. McCall. A framework for

    the measurement of software quality. In software quality assurance workshop on Functional and performance issues, pages 133–139, 1978. IUUQTXXXUIPNBTBMTQBVHIPSHQVCGOEJMJUZIUNM $BWBOPBOE.D$BMM`T2VBMJUZ'BDUPST 
  4. once a code base turns to spaghetti, it is nearly

    impossible to fix. the payoff for good (or bad) design comes pretty quickly, so there's a good chance that the tactical approach won't even speed up your first release. good design eventually pays for itself, and sooner than you might think. IUUQTXXXBNB[PODPKQEQ "1IJMPTPQIZPG4PGUXBSF%FTJHO