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Linux Container Internals

Linux Container Internals

Deep dive into Linux Kernel features leveraged my container runtimes to setup containers.


July 08, 2022

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  1. - SRE, DevOps @TCI - Linux Fanboy - I talk

    about the Linux Kernel and Containers - I love to eat chicken and chips with late night walks - Generally funny and weird Meet Great (@0xgreat) Umegbewe Great Nwebedu
  2. CONTAINERS DON’T RUN ON DOCKER! Docker is one of several

    container engines that interact with container runtimes which in turn asks the kernel to set up containers Others include Crio-O, Podman.
  3. Outline ➢ Containers ➢ Build blocks (Cgroups, Namespaces, Copy on

    Write) ➢ Container Runtimes (Docker, Runc, Systemd-nspwan) ➢ Little demo
  4. Containers is a form of operating system virtualization and isolation

    that allows you package your application code together with its dependencies. Which makes it easy to run between environments (Dev, test, Prod etc.). Containers are run as processes on the Operating System. Containers