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Mode Power to You

Ryo Usami
September 13, 2018

Mode Power to You

モーダル遷移、プッシュ遷移のどちらを利用すべきか明確に説明できますか?モードについての考え方は、OSアプリを構成する重要な要素です。デバイスの大画面化やApp上のタスクの複雑化に合わせて、標準アプリも新しいモーダルデザインが導入されています。このトークでは、モードについての基礎的な考え方から、昨今の進化したモーダル/モードレスデザインについて「Wantedly Visit」での実例を交えながらご紹介します。

Ryo Usami

September 13, 2018

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  1. Wantedly, Inc. 3 5 keywords about Ryo Usami 1. Designer

    at Wantedly, Inc. 2. @usa619_ 3. Age 22 4. 5. Trip
  2. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. How should we do? Page Subtitle To

    create a tool that feels like an extension of your mind To create a world filled with freedom and creativity
  3. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. Page Subtitle Modality creates focus by preventing

    people from doing other things until they complete a task or dismiss a message or view. Modality - Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  4. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. Page Subtitle It(*modal) locks the user into

    one operation and doesn’t allow the user to work on anything else until that operation is completed. Modelessness - Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines(1995)
  5. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. Normal mode Page Subtitle on Select mode

    Visual mode Insert mode Commandline mode
  6. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. Page Subtitle Make destructive choices prominent. Use

    red for buttons that perform destructive or dangerous actions, and display these buttons at the top of an action sheet. Action Sheet - Apple Human Interface Guidelines