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Lucy Denton - A Stakeholders Point of View on Engaging in Research

March 18, 2021

Lucy Denton - A Stakeholders Point of View on Engaging in Research

Researchers often struggle to engage stakeholders in research. As someone who has been a stakeholder myself, I also want to be engaged in the research so I can use it as an input to make design decisions. If both parties have this common goal, why is stakeholder engagement such a challenge? In this presentation I'll share a stakeholders point of view of how to make research outputs impactful.


March 18, 2021

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  1. A stakeholder’s point of view on engaging in research Lucy

    Denton, Product Design Lead, Dovetail @lucinda_denton @hidovetail
  2. Researcher “I find it really frustrating when people aren’t engaged

    in the research. Either they just don’t care that it’s happening or they don’t want to observe or they don’t care about the findings.” Researcher “As a researcher, you’re doing research for other people, you’re not just doing it for yourself. I spend so much time thinking about how to make research engaging… it’s always on my mind, so it’s frustrating when people don’t seem to care.”
  3. planning ❌ " # $ % recruiting execution analysis reporting

    follow up Sharon, Tomer. It's Our Research, 2012 (p.103)
  4. Involve stakeholders in your process Planning •Collaborate with decision makers

    •Identify knowledge gaps •Researcher drives the study
  5. Involve stakeholders in your process Execution •Decisions makers must have

    significant and engaged face time with participants •Decision makers should attend more than one session
  6. •Observe all sessions in person •Observe all sessions remotely •Ask

    some follow up questions •Slack questions •Note taking •Ran some interviews •Debrief with researcher and other observers Involving stakeholders in the execution phase
  7. Involve stakeholders in your process Reporting •Atomic research •Invest in

    your research repository •Research is pull rather than push •Decision makers help create or review •Decision makers can back you up
  8. •Understand the perspectives & priorities of stakeholders •Build strong partnerships

    •Involve decision makers in every part of the research process •Bring skeptical stakeholders along to get their buy-in •Get involved in next steps and help close the loop •Educate decision makers on how to run their own research Engaging stakeholders in research