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SID2023 Candelle Nestor - Why we need to think like athletes in leadership

SID2023 Candelle Nestor - Why we need to think like athletes in leadership

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to train in leadership like you trained to be an athlete? Not just participate in a workshop or read a book that tells you the traits and behaviours of leadership – a continuous program of training and the systematic design of our life to optimise your performance as a leader?

In a short design research program, I explored the systemic influences on the development of Conscious Leadership in design. Preliminary findings from the research suggest that successful Conscious Leaders in design must work simultaneously on improving themselves and the systems around them in order to be able to perform well and consistently as a leader. The patterns of self-leadership and life design amongst aspiring Conscious Leaders in design suggest that when it comes to leadership performance, we need to think like athletes. Learn more about the Conscious Leadership model and find out how we can think like athletes as leaders in design in Candelle Nestor’s talk.


May 18, 2023

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  1. Persistent problems are not the outcome of elements or people

    within a system, but rather the outcome of a poorly designed system (Meadows & Wright 2008).
  2. What are the systemic factors and conditions that influence the

    development and practice of Conscious Leadership in design?
  3. Leadership that actively fosters expanded states of consciousness and self

    awareness and works to build a culture of ‘we’ rather than a culture of ‘me’ (Chapman, Dethmer & Klemp 2015).
  4. The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership Learning Through Creativity Feeling

    All Feelings Speaking Candidly Eliminating Gossip Practicing Integrity Living a Life of Play and Rest Exploring the Opposite Sourcing Approval Controls and Security Having Enough of Everything Creating Win for All Solutions Being the Resolution Excelling in Your Zone of Genius Taking Radical Responsibility Generating Appreciation Experiencing the World as an Ally
  5. "I share with others what is true for me without

    withholding information, even if it is uncomfortable." "When speaking about others, I only share what I would be willing to say to them directly." The 17 Behaviours of Conscious Leadership Speaking Candidly Example
  6. Self Leadership Literature (Chapman, Dethmer & Klemp 2015) (Bryant 2017)

    (Heifetz, Linsky & Grashow 2009) (Bihary 2020) (Blanchard, Fowler & Hawkins 2006)

    ACTIVITY self reflection ACTIVITY self regulation ACTIVITY mindfulness practices reflective practice structures FACTOR space for introspection FACTOR FACTOR visibility of alternative leadership models space for introspection FACTOR space for introspection FACTOR social norms of spirituality FACTOR spiritual teachers
  8. • We cannot separate ourselves from the systems we are

    part of. • Optimise our environments to help us practice the self leadership needed to be a conscious leader. • Meditation practice • Reflective journaling • 15 min breaks between all meetings • Almonds, pistachios and macadamias • Retros, 3 in a Box, regular 1:1s • Leadership coach • Train like an athlete. Takeaways
  9. Chapman, D, Dethmer, J & Klemp, K 2015, The 15

    Commitments of Conscious Leadership: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Success, Conscious Leadership Group. Meadows, D & Wright, D 2008, Thinking in Systems: International Bestseller, Chelsea Green Publishing, Vermont, USA. Westfall, C 2019, 'Leadership Development Is A $366 Billion Industry: Here's Why Most Programs Don't Work', Forbes, <https://www.forbes.com/sites/chriswestfall/2019/06/20/leadership-development-why-most-programs-dont-work/?sh=337e100861de>. References