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Using structured templates to capture observation data

Using structured templates to capture observation data

Dr Dharani Perera-Schulz

We conducted a series of observation sessions to evaluate the different touch points of the new student enquiry service. Three observers used a structured template to record the observation data in the field. This talk will present the merits and drawbacks of using a structured template to capture observation data.


May 06, 2013

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  1. Dr. Dharani Perera-Schulz
    User Experience consultant
    Monash University

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  2.   Redesign of the Monash University
    student enquiry service centres
      Evaluation of the initial implementation

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  3.   Observation
      Three observers
      Two service centres
      One day

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  5.   Focus on the key touch-points
      Prompts for observers
      Consistency of the data captured by
    multiple observers
      Effective data consolidation

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  6.   Scalability
      Insufficient space for data capture
      Only suitable for situations where the
    points of focus is identified
      Introduce bias
      Not for exploratory observation

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