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Michael Chapman_ Prioritizing Usability_UX Y'all 2022

UX Y'all
September 27, 2022

Michael Chapman_ Prioritizing Usability_UX Y'all 2022

UX Y'all

September 27, 2022

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  1. Prioritizing Usability: A Lesson in Embracing Our Mistakes

  2. MICHAEL CHAPMAN UX Researcher, Pendo

  3. Pendo Analytics - Gather user behavior and adoption insights to

    prioritize product decisions In-App Guides - User sentiment and collect qualitative and quantitative feedback
  4. A Cautionary Tale…

  5. Negative User Feedback

  6. PMs, Designers, and Engineers all agreed to start from scratch

  7. Team removed the old feature and replaced it with the

    new one
  8. Do you know what happened next???

  9. Negative User Feedback

  10. What’s the moral of the story?

  11. - Didn’t understand from a usability standpoint - Demos and

    beta testing - Allowing usability to be a key factor when making decisions and success metrics Red Flags 🚩🚩🚩
  12. System Usability Scale (SUS)

  13. Some SUS History • Developed by John Brookes in 1980s

    • Expanded by Jeff Sauro • Empirically Tested and Validated over the past 30 years
  14. Why the System Usability Scale (SUS)?

  15. Original System Usability Scale (SUS)

  16. Original System Usability Scale (SUS)

  17. Revised System Usability Scale (SUS) I found the page to

    be simple I thought there was a lot of consistency in the page I found the page very intuitive I could use the page without having to learn anything new I think that I could use the page without the support of a technical person.
  18. Pendo Case Study

  19. Pendo Analytics In-App Guides Feedback Adoption

  20. UX Measurements Evaluative surveys Administered via survey in Qualtrics Gold

    standard for measuring usability via 10 attribute ratings. Administered via in-app Guide throughout Pendo Measures ease of use and usefulness of product.
  21. Pendo - In Practice Segment Builder Instrumental for Pendo analytics

    and in-app guides.
  22. UMUX - 64.3 SUS In Practice 68 or Higher =

    Acceptable First Attempt to Track Usability Converted UMUX to SUS Score June 2020
  23. Usability - 51.2 SUS In Practice 68 or Higher =

    Acceptable Moderated Tasked Usability Test First Time Using SUS Scale November 2021
  24. Baseline - 66.4 SUS In Practice 68 or Higher =

    Acceptable Unmoderated Baseline Score - Activated whenever a user saved a segment June 2022
  25. Beta Test - 78.1 SUS In Practice 68 or Higher

    = Acceptable Was The Second Highest SUS Score Team Felt Validated and Excited!! ☺ August 2022
  26. Baseline - 66.4 Usability - 51.2 UMUX - 64.3 Beta

    Test - 78.1 Detractor Passive Promoter SUS In Practice 68 or Higher = Acceptable Learned From Our Mistakes Saves Everyone Time!
  27. Usability Should Be One of The Foundations of Your Design

    Process Does Not Need To Be Perfect! Figure Out What Works For Your Team Let’s Recap!
  28. Thank you MICHAEL CHAPMAN UX Researcher, Pendo LinkedIn