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Webinar - Scientific Computing and Data Visualization

Webinar - Scientific Computing and Data Visualization

Webinar for Srijan Technologies on scientific computing and data visualization in Ruby.


Sameer Deshmukh

June 29, 2016


  1. Scientific Computation and Data Visualization in Ruby @srijan #SrijanWW

  2. Sameer Deshmukh @v0dro @srijan #SrijanWW

  3. Ruby Science Foundation @sciruby @sciruby @srijan #SrijanWW

  4. @srijan #SrijanWW

  5. iruby notebook @srijan #SrijanWW

  6. Browser based Ruby REPL for interactive computing. @srijan #SrijanWW

  7. Runs in your browser Input cell – accepts Ruby code

    Output cell – can render HTML/CSS/JS @srijan #SrijanWW
  8. @srijan #SrijanWW

  9. nmatrix @srijan #SrijanWW

  10. n­dimensional array object. Interface Ruby with high speed C libraries.

    @srijan #SrijanWW
  11. require 'nmatrix' n = [2,2], [1,2,3,4], dtype: :float32, stype:

    :dense ) n[0,1] # => 2.0 @srijan #SrijanWW
  12. Data Types :int8 :float32 :int16 :float64 :int32 :complex64 :int64 :complex128

    @srijan #SrijanWW
  13. Storage types Dense Dense matrix. List Sparse matrix type storing

    data as a linked list. Yale Sparse type storing data in the 'New Yale' format. @srijan #SrijanWW
  14. NMatrix C API @srijan #SrijanWW

  15. nmatrix nmatrix­ atlas nmatrix­ lapacke nmatrix­ fftw gsl @srijan #SrijanWW

  16. nmatrix is coming to jruby! @srijan #SrijanWW

  17. nyaplot @srijan #SrijanWW

  18. interactive plotting tool for Rubyists. @srijan #SrijanWW

  19. interactive HTML and JavaScript plots that can be displayed in

    your browser. @srijan #SrijanWW
  20. @srijan #SrijanWW

  21. Mapnya Nyaplot3D Bionya Map visualizations with inbuilt country charts. Three

    Dimensional interactive plots. Biology plots for visualizing relationships of genes. @srijan #SrijanWW
  22. gnuplotrb @srijan #SrijanWW

  23. Ruby wrapper over GNU Plot. Convieniently exposes all GNU Plot

    functions through Ruby. @srijan #SrijanWW
  24. require 'gnuplotrb' plot = [ [1,2.5,1.5,4], with: 'linespoints' ]

    ) @srijan #SrijanWW
  25. @srijan #SrijanWW

  26. require 'gnuplotrb' plot = [ [1,2.5,1.5,4], with: 'linespoints' ],

    [ [2,3,4.3,3], with: 'lines' ] ) @srijan #SrijanWW
  27. @srijan #SrijanWW

  28. statsample @srijan #SrijanWW

  29. @srijan #SrijanWW library for statistical analysis and modelling.

  30. @srijan #SrijanWW Extensions for Generalized Linear Models and TimeSeries apart

    from statistical tests and models.
  31. daru (Data Analysis in RUby) @srijan #SrijanWW

  32. daru == (Hindi) ददार @srijan #SrijanWW

  33. library for analysis, cleaning, manipulation and visualization of data. @srijan

  34. Read/write many data sources Ephemeral statistics functions Works well with

    'wild' data Data indexing @srijan #SrijanWW
  35. Acts as glue between other SciRuby libraries. @srijan #SrijanWW

  36. Daru::Vector Heterogenous Array that can be indexed on any Ruby

    object. Name Label(0) Label(1) Label(2) ... Label(n-1) @srijan #SrijanWW
  37. Daru::DataFrame 2D spreadsheet like data structure indexed by rows or

    columns. Col0 Label(0) Label(1) Label(2) ... Label(n-1) Col1 Col2 Col(n-1) .... @srijan #SrijanWW
  38. Thank You Twitter: @v0dro GitHub: @v0dro @srijan #SrijanWW

  39. Any questions?