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Build full-stack installer for Ruby Application with Omnibus.

Build full-stack installer for Ruby Application with Omnibus.

Lighting talk at Rubyconf Taiwan 2014


Sheng-Je Lin

April 26, 2014

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  1. Build full-stack installer for Ruby application with Omnibus. v1nc3ntlaw @

    RubyConf Taiwan 2014/04/26 Lighting Talk
  2. Sheng-Je Lin (Vincent) A Linux hobbyist and Rubyist. Hybrid RoR/DevOps

    engineer. http://about.me/v1nc3ntlaw
  3. Ruby have a place in System Administration • chef, puppet

    ◦ IT automation platform. • vagrant, test-kitchen ◦ Integration tool for developing and testing infrastructure code on isolated target platforms. • backup ◦ Provides an elegant DSL in Ruby for modeling your backups. • whenever ◦ A Ruby gem that provides a clear syntax for writing and deploying cron jobs.
  4. Scenario But sometimes… The server don’t need install Ruby as

    system package.
  5. A Ruby gem for creating full-stack installer Omnibus built by

    Chef Software, Inc
  6. Live Demo

  7. omnibus-chef omnibus-gitlab (Rails Project) omnibus-nginx (OpenResty) (C Project) Project Reference

  8. Thanks!