Private party organizer, the test

E0284bef7d7b3eda3895b1e6928ea647?s=47 Beatrice
October 08, 2012

Private party organizer, the test

The idea presented in "Private party organizer" has been tested and the results are reported here.



October 08, 2012


  1. Private party organizer Let’s have a party for dinner with

    friends We can use this app for deciding what we need I  need   pasta   Very  nice   party!  
  2. Prototype and trial shopping list Bob’s party Party is tomorrow

    pasta (Mary) bread (Bob) wine sauce (Mary) vegetables (John) cola chips (John) beer Doodle choice
  3. Results 2 parties: •  2 friends plus the organizer • 

    3 couples of friends plus the organizer Total of 18 items listed, with max 5 assigned to the same person. Items bought within 24 hours. More support building the shopping list More support dividing costs