Developing with Symfony 4

281604c1a5357a164f2a9cd6e403b4e3?s=47 Victoria Quirante
June 07, 2018

Developing with Symfony 4

Is Symfony 4 the framework that you want to use for your next project? Since its release back in 2005, Symfony has been continuously evolving and improving. With every new version the framework has pushed forward, helping us writing better code faster. But there are many different types of projects and developers out there, and it is always good to get some insight in a technology before jumping into it. In this talk we will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the framework, checking them against other alternatives, and learning the type of projects and developers that can benefit from it to a larger extent. We will also review the most important changes introduced in the last version of Symfony, understanding the motivations behind them, evaluating the current state of the framework in the web development environment, and trying to foresee the future of this technology.


Victoria Quirante

June 07, 2018