Symfony 4 & Symfony Flex - Core ideas, features and improvements

Symfony 4 & Symfony Flex - Core ideas, features and improvements

Since its release back in 2005, Symfony has been continuously evolving and improving. With every new version, the framework has pushed forward, helping us writing better code faster.
In this talk we will see the new features and improvements that Symfony 4 is going to introduce next November. We will learn the core ideas from this new version, understanding not only how to use it, but also what are the key assumptions and motivations behind.
Moreover, we will have a close look at the so-called “Symfony 4 secret weapon”: Symfony Flex. This Composer plugin has been created with the idea of cutting configuration times to the minimum. We will understand how it works and learn how to use it properly to boost our productivity.


Victoria Quirante

October 24, 2017